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27-08-2010, 19:11
[center:efoc1b5z]Dakle ukratko,Str1k3r i ja smo došli do ideje da napravimo Warhammer Fantasy RP u kojem će igrači biti u kontroli mercenary grupe i prolaziti kroz razne avanture po starom svijetu Warhammera godine 1554 IC.Igra je još u izradi pa ćemo svako malo davati update sa više informacija al za sada imate samo ovaj mali teaser.[/center:efoc1b5z]

[center:efoc1b5z]http://img02.imagefra.me/img/img02/7/8/27/sickpete/f_h4sjffjsem_c17815a.jpg (http://imagefra.me/)[/center:efoc1b5z]

[center:efoc1b5z]It has been 14 centuries since the High Priest of Ulric proclaimed
Sigmar The First Emperor, and now the Land is in turmoil once again...

The Civil war rages through the streets of the empire, while the evil from
the north awakens from slumber to harvest spoils from the war weakened southern lands,
and the maddened Sultan Jaffar is invading Estalia
a Shadowy force is rumored to be whispering into the sultans ear...

Weapons, armor, food and mercenaries have never been in higher demand.
Gold, women, glory are all just waiting to be had, of course, only for those
brave enough to take them from dead hands...

In the Year 1554. by the Imperial Calendar, Boyar Vladimir Farasionovich III. gathers a large
host of payed swords, composed of almost all races, and plans to bring the fatal blow to the cultists
around the Kislev region...

Around three hundred scores of men where gathered south of Praag, mercenary and Kislevite alike, all
ready to plunge their blades into the foul hearts of the beastmen that raided and pillaged their lands.
The time of vengeance has come and people of Kislev will not cease until every foul beast of Chaos is thrown
out of their lands.[/center:efoc1b5z]

Credits: Str1k3r,croat1gamer,System,Delirium

27-08-2010, 19:26
On a side note, ja sam samo Fun(tm) advisor te battle/combat master.
Budemo koristili moj adv. frpg battle technique. Zahtjevat ce zasebni topic i #pcplay kanal da se moze efikasno provesti u plan. Al bit ce epic. I moist making. :)

Trenutno trazimo ljude koji ce igrati.

28-08-2010, 10:41
We're looking for a few good men. :)

Anycase, radi se na ovom projektu, detalje očekujte uskoro. :)

28-08-2010, 10:45
Sami teaser izgleda odlicno,svaka cast ekipi.I samo tako nastavite,ocekujem dosta mrtvih black-orkova i razbijenih krigli piva :) .Praticu ovo :wink: .

Arbiter of Change
28-08-2010, 20:10
Razlog zašto je na engleskom? :)

28-08-2010, 20:15
Jer, citiram, "Opis neke bitke na hrvatskom ce zvucati kao borba hrvata protiv osmanlija u nekom crnogorskom selu." :)

Also, ja sam lektor/stilski urednik.
Expect moist making details.

28-08-2010, 21:26
Boyar Vladimir Farasionovich III.

http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/3011/boyar.jpg (http://img834.imageshack.us/i/boyar.jpg/)

Born in the year 1403 IC into the Farasionovich family, of Gospodar descent, young Vlad had always had the whiff of nobility about him; the sharp scent of perfume, affordable only to the most wealthy of Kislevites, followed him like a faithful hound. His juvenile years were spent in study ( since his father could afford a private tutor; only the best for his heir ), during these studies he showed that he had a keen mind and a near photographic memory, as he became older the tutor ugred him to become a scholar himself, but he refused stating:

" No boyar ever defended his people with a book, but by sword and bow did he defend them, to the last ounce of his strenght and the last breath of every man he commanded in battle! "

He always had a thing for battle, just watching imageries of past Kislevite victories made his heart race, and his pride grow. In truth, he is no solider, he is no commander, he is no tactical genius he decived himself to be. What he is, and always had been, is a narcisist; an eloquent narcisist, one silver tongued devil he is. He values apperances more than anything else, and on more than one occasion he made clear, though subtly, that he was above the other boyars both by lineage and by authority. That was before he turned 27, and claimed the title of boyar after the death of his father, Pyotr Farasionovich.

First years of his rule were peaceful, and prosperity reigned, no more than a dozen small incursions occured, but they were always chased away and they never did any significant harm to his people wich he vowed to protect so many years ago:

"...to the last ounce of his strenght and the last breath of every man he commanded in battle!"

But the pugnacious boyars' lust for war could not be sated so easily, and every now and then he caused an incident or two, just so he could watch soliders die for his own pleasure. He isn't married, and has no children; at least none he calls his own.

He is not like the other boyars, there is something about him that makes him different - the way he dresses, the way he talks and the way he looks just makes him stand out among boyars.

Years passed and finaly came 1452 IC, a year that he so longed for, a year of heroic deeds and valiant commanders, a year when crows flocked the skies to feast on the corpses of fallen soliders that lay strewn accros fields like childrens toys accros a living room floor. Warriors fallen, seduced by Chaos now threathened his people; warriors with blasted, ruined tattos on their foreheads and vicious scars accros their chests - The Undivided.

Warriors in dark iron armour, with eyes as black as midnight and soul of pure hatred, and bestial fiends with cursed weaponry had arrived. The invasion had begun.

Vladimir gathered a host of mercenary swords, three hundred scores of men; brave men, men of pure hearts and sharp blades ready to resist Chaos in its most animalistic of forms. There, south of Praag they stood their ground...


Polako ćemo otkrivati biografije NPC-eva i neke lokacije kako budu završeni. :)

28-08-2010, 21:29
:shock: moisting..ovaj, ja bi join-o...ak nije bed

28-08-2010, 21:31
Bumo te registrirali tek je sve u izradi :D

28-08-2010, 21:32
sure thing sir!
btw ko crta ovako super?

28-08-2010, 21:34
Games Workshopovi artisti. :D

Zasad, možda se kasnije ja uhvatim crtanja. ^^

28-08-2010, 21:35
aha...ja mislio neko od vas...anyway kul ideja i bilo bi mi drago zaigrati :thumbs2:

28-08-2010, 21:44
Zato smo i zapoceli s ovim threadom, treba nam igraca.
Zanemari jos cinjenicu da jos uvjek uredujemo same osnove, ocemo da bude dobro razreden rp, po mogucnosti sto slicniji rl verziji istoga.

Sumnjam da cu moci veceras/nocas staviti jos jedan kolaborativni bio koji smo ja i delirium napravili, posto ga jos uvjek uredujem.

Neg, evo par short NPC descriptionsa da ne budem praznih ruku danas:

Adalwolf Von Haertwig, is the captain of the mercenaries currently posted in the Kislev region.
As a Reiklander, he fights with a massive zweihander, made of castle forged steel, that supposedly
has seen more battles than its owner. A mustache adorned his stern face, and makes him ten years younger, though he is in his late sixties.
Being so old, he is quite potent with his massive zweihander, weilding it better than some experienced soldiers.

Exactly his exact opposite was embodied in a young arab warrior, Salam Akh Murab.
He is always dressed in a chainmail and silk. Being a trained a master of crossbow and sabre,
he volunteered into the mercenaries at an early age for glory, wealth and women.
He is the Archer commander and often gets in quarrels with captain Von Haertwig.[/center:19pih4bq]

29-08-2010, 00:45
Sutra ćete dobiti još updateova, ali ništa značajno nećemo otkriti. Barem ne još. ^^

Nemate pojma koliko se radi na ovome. :)

29-08-2010, 00:56
Mene oka bole..kada se smije spavati?

29-08-2010, 00:58
Ovo izgleda vrlo zanimljivo, ako ne bude previše vremena iziskivalo mogao bih se i ja pridružiti

29-08-2010, 01:04
Carpe noctem, sickpetey. :D

Jopax, the more the merrier. :)

29-08-2010, 19:40
samo opscena količina texta koji pisemo za ovo me cini vlažnim, still not sure ocul imat vremena igrat ali potrudit cu se da ga nađem :D

30-08-2010, 00:59
Dok još razvijamo rase i statse, koji će vjerojatno biti gotovi sutra-prekosutra, evo još par NPC-a koji se nalaze u RP-u:


http://img37.imageshack.us/img37/2779/vogroz.jpg (http://img37.imageshack.us/i/vogroz.jpg/)

Vogroz is an imminent threat to the people of Kislev. Aa a leader of a beastmen warband, he pillaged the countryside of Kislev on inummerable occasions. He was dubbed Vogroz by the people of Praag, which means "Butcher" in Old-kislevite. He earned the name because he and his warband created the greatest bloodshed and havoc in the Kislev region. Outgrowing his kind by a foot and being twice as strong than any beast in the warband, he has quickly arisen to the position of the cheiftain. He enters the battlefield in an old, battle torn, reinforced studded leather armor wielding a great battlexe. Several boyars have posted an impressve bounty on his horned head, but none of the courageous adventurers, knights and companies of mercenaries who went for it have claimed the bounty, nor have they returned.

Grygory Aleksashkin

The boyar's adjutant, the man behind every big noble, the one who writes everything down, here it's Grygory Aleksashkin. He is a thin man, of pale complexion always looking like he is frowning, almost perfect teeth, and a nose that was inevitably associated to a vultures' beak while his long black hair made him look no more pleasing. He is a quiet man, not speaking until asked. He was probably a son of some lower noble taken into the boyars service. One thing was sure, he always got the job done, the boyars lands were always well stocked, organized to maximise the production, and the taxes were always spent investing in resources and anything that yielded income.

30-08-2010, 01:09
So i herd u liek teasers.


Aesegerd was concieved in a small village situated at the border of the chaos wastes
by the most beautiful woman in it and its strongest warrior. He was abducted from his home
by chaos cultists, while his father and other able villagers were hunting bears.
When they heard the screams they rushed quickly to the village. The battle was ferocious and bloody,
but the cultists overwhelmed the fearless villagers. A chaos sorcerer who was overlooking
the attack was impressed by the sheer power with which Aesegerd's father protected him.
He had some other plans for him. He went to the village to find the unnamed warrior's kind and
convert him to the ways of chaos. Some cultists were Slaaneeshi devotees and they started pillaging
the village immediately. In front of Aesegerd's eyes they blinded his mother with burning iron,
raped her, and in the end, killed her. Even though he was a mere child, those images were
branded forever in Aesegerd's memories. The cultists were in ecstasy and wanted to do the same
with Aesegerd, but the sorcerer prevented them from doing it by killing them with a simple
twitch of a finger, so Aesegerd was taken mostly unharmed into the very heart of the northern region.



A single voice reaped through the air, sounding like the agonised screams of thousands of haunted souls.

The same horrific voice slashed through the harsh winter winds, like flames that melt the ice,
like death who preys upon the unsuspecting. His fleshand armor seemed as one,
parts of him looked humanly but unrecognizable, his gauntlets under a layer of frozen
and hard blood seemed to be ingrown into his very arms, his face was undistinguishable
from the helmet he wore, only bloodthirst and emptyness were noticeable in his eyes,
in which his horrified victims supposedly drowned seconds before their inevitable, painful
and horrendous deaths at his blood-soaked hands.
A chain held his loincloth, with an ornament which once depicted the Chaos star but now
it is unrecognizable because of the sheer amount of blood on it. On each side of the loincloth
were attached skulls to the chain, making a belt of bones around him. His breastplate engravings
depicted grotesque acts, committed countless years ago, and as some of his allies say its
the depiction of the attack on his village, and the deathly visage of his own mother.
Unholy mist swirling around his great axe seemed to bend reality more and more with every
kill, like every drop of blood on its blade made the mist greater and stronger
whch threatened to overcome his very soul.


With this cry he mounted an unholy steed made of living metal which was out of a compound
of molten iron and boiling blood, which that thirsted for blood like any other Khornite beast.[/center:2l9if8ob]

Delirium - originalni tekst
kroati - preuredivanje org. teksta, grammers
str1k3r - quality check
sick_petey- zahtjevanje khornite beasta

30-08-2010, 07:22
I see you were busy while I was working :D good show good show

30-08-2010, 10:41
Mi smo uvijek busy. :)

30-08-2010, 10:48
Jbg ja jos moram i raditi a ionako samo dam ideju dvije pa ono nisam od prevelike vaznosti anyway :D

30-08-2010, 11:04
Ako ima mjesta mogu i ja igrat? Dosadilo mi gejmanje pa da probam ovo...i bez brige, znam engleski tako da nece bit problema oko toga...

30-08-2010, 11:06
Uvijek ima mjesta..max je mislim..hmmm..10 igraca makar ne vjerujem da ce biti vise od 5 igraca (5 igraca je minimum).Samo trebamo napraviti sve do tad a to ce trebati vremena al kako ce cini napredujemo i to dobro.Str1k3r,Delirium i kroati rade na zadatku non stop..tj dok ne odspavaju barem 4 sata

30-08-2010, 11:12
Jel ce to bit sa statsovima rp, ili samo sa tekstom kao na drugim roleplay forumima?

30-08-2010, 11:22
Ako nekome ne ide dobro engleski cemo ja i strajhi lektorirati po zahtjevu.
Usput se premisljamo da omogucimo mjesavinu hrv. i eng., radi docaravanja nekakve raznolikost medu likovima i njihovim kulturama, jel.

A osim toga, ako idemo hrv. only bi opis neke bitke ili nekog dogadaja na hrvatskom zvucao kao borba hrvata protiv osmanlija u nekom crnogorskom selu.
Primjerice:neustrasivi pripadnici reiksguarda su se borili protiv krvolocnih khorneovih sampionia na opustosenom podrucju Erengrada.

Statsi i sve ukljuceno, namjeravamo pribliziti rl rp'anje i borbe na forum. :)

30-08-2010, 11:26
Kao sto je kroati rekao stats i rp...i veliki must na RPSili ce te..doci do nezgoda

30-08-2010, 11:36
ok ok, mislio sam odustat da je samo text rp...

30-08-2010, 11:44
Evo ti otprilike prikaz borbi (http://www.pcplay.hr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=108&t=39469&start=15), samo sto ce ovdje biti jos vise unaprijeden, tj. opsirniji i detaljniji.

Naravno, tokom borbi cu biti aktivan na #pcplay, tako da ako budu bila pitanja u vezi istoga cu moci objasnjavati kad nesto bude nejasno.

31-08-2010, 17:07
ja bi igro, sad sam se totalno naježio kad sam čito o esegerdu, a u pozadini falling of the edge of the world od sabata :D

btw ne kužim jel sami radimo likove il biramo od navedenih?

31-08-2010, 17:12
Rase su jos u izradi danas il sutra cu ja vjerojatno postat prvu ako sve razradimo

31-08-2010, 17:15
Vi radite vlastite likove, i njihove biose. Ovi tu su NPC likovi.
What petey said + sad doradujemo statse i pripremamo tutorial za iste.

Takoder, marljivost se nagraduje, tako da bi svim voljnima igranja bilo dobro da se potrude oko rp'anja/radenja biosa.

31-08-2010, 17:17
Ove zadnje kroatieve recenice pogotovo i na engleskom,koristite lexicanum za pomoć i nemorate biti baš hardcore ovo bi ipak trebalo biti fun al malo truda ulozite i sve super ^^...I necemo vas muciti sa gramatikom jbg svatko radi pogreske :D

31-08-2010, 17:20
Takoder, ja i strajker cemo se potruditi da vam pomognemo oko prevodenja/lektoriranja istih. Al nadam se da nece biti onih koji su apsolutno nepismeni za engleski.

31-08-2010, 17:26
Ne vjerujem da sam jos takve vidio na forumu :D

31-08-2010, 19:29
uh več se vidim kak ču zarollat jednog shadow warriora :))))

31-08-2010, 19:41
Nece ti biti klasa nego specijalizacije,skillovi i tak nest al bit ce elfova pa uzmi luk i strijelu jedan mac i bit ces ko on XD

31-08-2010, 19:46
Izgleda zanimljivo, ak ste lobodni, ebo i mene.

31-08-2010, 19:49
Ti bi bio šesti valjda,yeah unutra si ak budeš želio

31-08-2010, 19:52
Može, može, računajte na mene.

31-08-2010, 19:53
Ohkay kad budu sve rase dosle pocni ponavljati gradivo na lexicanumu za rasu koja te zanima.Za efikasniji RP ofc

31-08-2010, 23:42
Nece ti biti klasa nego specijalizacije,skillovi i tak nest al bit ce elfova pa uzmi luk i strijelu jedan mac i bit ces ko on XD

shadow warriori su više frakcija nego klasa :P

osveta druchiijima, reclaimanje nagarythea i te pizdarije

31-08-2010, 23:53
e ovako, dosadno mi je za poludit pa ako vam treba pomoc oko icega, npr questova nekakvih il sta vec, samo recite pls da si necim zaokupim um, i bez brige necu plakat ako odbijete moje prijedloge, samo da si malo stavim mozak na pasu :D

01-09-2010, 00:05
Budući da si željan posla dobiti ćeš PP sa zadatkom. :)

01-09-2010, 00:06
Sir, yes Sir! :killyou:

01-09-2010, 00:23
Takoder, ja i strajker cemo se potruditi da vam pomognemo oko prevodenja/lektoriranja istih. Al nadam se da nece biti onih koji su apsolutno nepismeni za engleski.

Lektorska služba radi od dana kada započne RP, ako nismo u uredu tajnica će preuzeti vaš zahtjev. :)

01-09-2010, 00:43
Tko će još tajnicu angažirati..morat ćemo rituale napraviti da daemonette summonamo

01-09-2010, 00:48
Upravo pregledavam, Luka. Stay tooned! :)

BTW, unakažen - mangled, disfigured. Koristi Google Translate za pojedine riječi, dobro dođe. :)

01-09-2010, 00:50
:) necu jos dugo online bit, no bez zurbe, kad nece markec postat u tribes igri pa da gazda mozes
update napravit :-x

01-09-2010, 01:00
Markeca ne damo u ovaj RP posto ne zeli da posta redovno u Tribes :D

01-09-2010, 01:01
hahaha, ucjena ucjena....aaaaahhhh na sta je spao ovaj forum "sigh"...:D

01-09-2010, 01:03
The cause justifies the means

01-09-2010, 01:05
The cause justifies the means
what if the cause is unholy? as this one is? (prema markecu barem :D)

01-09-2010, 01:06
Shhhh..jos nam fali da dovuces inkviziciju

01-09-2010, 01:07
i poslati ju na markeca da ga natjera da posta....

05-09-2010, 01:31

Humans are the most expansive race in the world, they came after the wars of elves and dwarves and easily outnumber all of the elder races. Human lands, taking up most of the known world are in constant quarrel with one another.

For humans are the last experiment, the imperfect ones.

It is discutable if these imperfections made them the greatest race yet, or susceptible to Chaos. For they are the hands and limbs of Chaos, they are the tools of the Chaos gods, easily swayed onto the path leading to Chaos. The more notable of human kingodms are The Empire, Brettonia, Araby and the kingdoms to the far east. Often is among the elder races spoken of mistrust in humans, and their lack of competence.

But one thing is for sure, humanity is writing its own greatest chapter.

Explorers, soldiers, farmers, hunters, engineers, adventurers and sailors, humans are all this and so much more. Quick to learn beacuse of their keen minds and unbridled intellect. Adaptable to every situation, humans survive staring in the eye of the greatest dangers. But, alas, sorrow wreaths the tale of the son of man for their minds are easy to break, upon sustained torture their minds shatter like cold glass, they fall into dark madness and start to hear Chaos beckoning them in its infernal embrace. This is how most men are turned to Chaos; they hear its call in times of madness, vulnerability and disdain.

Humans think of themsleves as perfect, but little do they know they are born as a mad, damaged, volatile and imperfect experiment whos sanity depends on their grasp of reality...

The EmpireS


Years of imperial victories on countless battlefields have made blades and guns the favorite weapons of imperial soliders, and especially of the Empires nobility. Lower ranked soldiers, use a scale of other weapons such as polearms, axes and other bladed things. A great emphasis in almost all of the training grounds across the empire is put on hand to hand combat, thus soldiers learn how to fight a opponent with a weapon using only his hands, hopefully placing a critical blow rendering the target unconscious.

The Mages and the wizards in the Empire spend, obviously, less time with weapons, and more time learning learning spells and eluding pogroms and witch hunters. They focus on developing so called street-smarts need for survival.

You see, the practice of magic is illegal and ever-watchful witch hunters keep a close eye on individuals with unusual behavior.

Racial Powers:

-Duelist- A long tradition of duels and competitive fight makes you very proficient with swords and guns. +3Firearms/long blades +1 agility/intelligence.

-Ulric's Maul*- Special infantry training techniques grant you a permanent boost of +5 polearms/Warhammers/Great Axes +1 strength but also make a toll on your agility of -1

-Hunted*- Running from pogroms and witch hunters have made you streetwise - +4 intelligence

-Nuln Infantry- Years of serving as part of the Nuln Infantry have made you better wtih some weapon types +5 spears/firearms but also more slower -2 agility.

-Heart of Reikland- Hailing from Reikland, you have trained with blades all your life - +2 strength +2 great blades

-Sigmars Blow- A strong blow into a strategic place on the target, rendering the opponent unconscious for a turn (Effect 100% better if wielding axe/mace)

(ako je character mag, onda umjesto Ulric's Maul ide Hunted)*



Brettonians were always known throughout the lands for their powerful, quick and keen minds. Quick to learn the place logic has in life, but they utilise logic the same way they do crafts of sneaking and quick movement - with perfection!

For generations Brettonian peasants are known for their strong legs and running capabilities; quick, light footed soldiers, they excel at utilising the bow to their ultimate goal of absolute mastery.

State Law demands that every peasant boy is supposed to train with the longbow when he comes of age. Other peasants, although not as numerous as their archers, enter melee combat with pikes which they either use in hand to hand combat or for protection and entrenchment. They have a special tactic where they raise spikes around their forces and camps in battles.

Many horsemen died impaled on the cold iron and wood in battle with Brettonian army, because they underestimated the poor, dirty peasant army that places its faith in its king and cold iron.

Racial Powers:

-Heart of Lions- Due to the belief into their king, Brettonian courage is renewed and they fight with a new zeal. You gain +4 willpower

-Runaway Peasant- Outrunning your feudal master is quite a feat, your strong legs and ability to hide give you +4 agility

-Brettonian Bowman- Years of experience and training with a longbow makes you deadly with it, you gain +5 in your (Cross)bow skill

-Peasants Vow- All Brettonian knaves pledge to their king and feudal master a lifetime of servitude, you gain +4 endurance.

-Stakes at Hand- Grab a large pike placing it in front of you in hope of the charging assailant will not be able to stop in time. The Pike is gone upon Movement, and its placing lasts one turn.



Kislev was founded only few years ago and since then only war was upon the land and its people. By the lead of Gospodars Kislevites drove of the inhabitating Ungols and made their home in their land. After the founding of town of Kislev and Praag Gospodars maniged to force Ungols to accept their rule.

People of Kislev are a mix and many of them are Ungols, Ropsmenn or men that came with Gospodars, and because of that ethnical fights often burst out. But when the threat of raiding Chaos invaders comes they all stand united and are ready to protect their lands as brothers.

Because the people of new-founded Kislev are so different it's consequential that their soldiers are much different from each other too. While Kossars are fierce soldiers that fight on foot with any weapon with exceptional skill, Ungor horse archers and Winged Lancers of Gospodars are simply death on horseback.

Kislev is a harsh land, and harsh lands bring harsh people to life, and even if they arent the most jolly or friendly people, when battle starts you will be lucky if you are on their side.

Racial Powers:

-Former Kossar- A few years in the kossars have made proficient with some weapons. +2 (Cross)Bows, +2 Axes/Maces

-Ungol Tribesman- Your skill with crossbows, and lack of endurance can be traced to your Ungol roots. +6 (Cross)Bows, -2 Endurance

-Born in a Saddle- As all Kislevites, you are skilled in saddle as others are on their feet. Lesser penalty when mounted.

-Border Guard- Standing guard on the cold northern borders in solitude, has made you exepcionally keen. +2 spear, +3 endurance,-1 charisma.

-Ursun's Protection- You are trully blessed, Child of The North, for Ursun watches over you. Evades 1 killing blow.

05-09-2010, 01:39
Gud,gud budem ja sutra dodo jos poneku rasu,sad me nesto previse san hvata :D

05-09-2010, 06:26
Pogresne racialse si stavio (as in- sadrze pogresne iznose). http://www.hcl.hr/forum/Smileys/Alpha/HIHA2.png

05-09-2010, 08:13
ja sam dobio fajl od strikera s tocno ovim podacima :?

samo sam prepisivo :/

05-09-2010, 12:02
I meni su takvi podaci isto,izgleda da si ti mjenjo to kasnije a to mi nismo krivi :yuck:

05-09-2010, 12:02
Nekako mi je uspio napraviti double post sry

05-09-2010, 13:10
Budem se javio vlastima za update. :)

05-09-2010, 14:22

[center:3uv923nc]http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/8093/ogreartwork2.jpg (http://img24.imageshack.us/i/ogreartwork2.jpg/)[/center:3uv923nc]

Far to the east of the Old World within the craggy valleys and cave networks of the Mountains of Mourn lie the Ogre Kingdoms. These brutish monsters foray into the outside world in their hundreds to find food and war. Ogres believe that might makes right, excelling at two things: eating and fighting.

Individually, an Ogre is more than a match for a unit of Men, for these creatures stand over ten feet tall and are almost as wide.
They are aggressive brutes ruled by their stomach and lust for violence, their Ogre Bulls gathering together into huge stampedes.

An Ogre Kingdoms army is a massive, blunt instrument that smashes into enemy lines with the force of a charging mammoth. It is a hard-hitting force that launches devastating charges into the foe, overwhelming them with brute force and big clubs.

Most Ogres dwell in the Ogre Kingdoms, the Ogre homeland east of the Dark Lands, in the Mountains of Mourn, together with the Gnoblars, a goblinoid slave-race.

The Ogre Kingdoms are a large collection of dictatorships, each ruled by its own Tyrant. The boundaries of an individual kingdom extend as far as the ruling Tyrant can see.

[center:3uv923nc]http://img121.imageshack.us/img121/449/m1037819okcover.jpg (http://img121.imageshack.us/i/m1037819okcover.jpg/)[/center:3uv923nc]

Ogres hailing from the mountains, are known to have skin as hard as boiled leather absorbing blows and hits, but it is also known that ogres from those parts are by far less intelligent then others.

They also have a tendency to grow bigger than their cousins making them able to wield weapons with a deadlier force and makes them able to specialise in bearing two weapons than one which combined with their size makes them a deadly force on the field of battle, stomping smaller enemies and going into a berserking frenzy as they get hungrier.

For ogres must always feed, a hungry ogre is not one who anyone wants to meet. All ogres learn about blood and entrail magic,and with it their shamans can give the blessings of The Maw or get completely consumed by the power of the Maw from inside out in a way that even Nurgle would be impressed by.

http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/6020/ogrebull.jpg (http://img823.imageshack.us/i/ogrebull.jpg/)

Racial Powers

-Rock 'Ard-SYour skin has became thicker being constantly beaten in combat. +7 Endurance, -2 Agility, -1 Intelligence

-Da Big 'Un-SYou have eaten, eaten and eaten, and grew to massive size. +3 Strength, +3 Endurance, -2 Agility

-Even More Choppier-STraining with large dual weapons has left a mark on you. +10 Special (Offhand)

-Da Maws Blessing-SThe blessing of the high shaman has invoked the ancient spirits of the maw in you. SReduces gastromancy (gut magick) backfire

-Stompa-SRaise your foot and try to crush a target beneath it. Overwhelms the opponent but try not to stomp something spikey

-Da Big 'Unger-S

Hunger, rises in you along with rage, if one comes out so will the other.ogre must feed every day or he could get too hungry and go into a rampage.

Eating every day heals you and makes you calmer.

05-09-2010, 20:31
Neg, da razjasnimo, racialsi _nisu_ 100% odluceni te su subjekt daljnjim promjenama (dok ne dobiju Seal of Approval by Boz ili nesto priblizno).

05-09-2010, 20:40
Why are we putting races than XD?

05-09-2010, 20:46
Rase da, al racialse sam namjeravao kasnije, najvise sto sistem atributa jos nije ureden. Moramo prvo dmg sistem izracunati, a za to nam trebaju itemi (tj. oruzje) da mozemo sve urediti.

Onak, malo po malo osnove, onda te osnove u jednoj noci istovremeno spojiti.
Sistem je takav kakav je, al mozemo sporo posto nam trebaju igraci kao prvo. :)

(Ovje idu prijave, jel.)

05-09-2010, 21:01
Raciale mozemo uvijek promijeniti kad pocne RP ova se tema ionako briše.Ovo su samo teaseri da se zna koje su rase.Raciali ak nece valjati cemo maknuti i modificirati

05-09-2010, 21:02
Ubacite Gobline.Plis :o .

05-09-2010, 21:05
ok ljudi, dosad sam pomago kolko sam mogo, nazalost

to mora prestat,mozda budem lurko i cak i malo igro, ali nazalost vise nemam vremena da pomazem ok fluffa, sa skolom i 300 drugih stvari D:

zelim vam najbolju srecu s ovim, stvarno zelim da uspije, bilo je stvarno zabavno stvarat makar i djelić ovoga s vama, a sad, idem očajavat oko toga sto se moram dic u 6:30 ujutro

05-09-2010, 21:08
ok ljudi, dosad sam pomago kolko sam mogo, nazalost

to mora prestat,mozda budem lurko i cak i malo igro, ali nazalost vise nemam vremena da pomazem ok fluffa, sa skolom i 300 drugih stvari D:

zelim vam najbolju srecu s ovim, stvarno zelim da uspije, bilo je stvarno zabavno stvarat makar i djelić ovoga s vama, a sad, idem očajavat oko toga sto se moram dic u 6:30 ujutro

Tako kasno :D ?
Sve ok snaći čemo se ja str1k3r.
Foregner we shall see

05-09-2010, 21:10
Prvo Dorfovi. :)
Gobline nismo dovrsili.

Neg, sve playable rase:
Brettonian √
Empire √
Kislev √
Ogre √
Dwarf √
Goblin √/X
Wood Elf X
Dark Elf X
Hobbit X

@ Del- A meni kao nije tesko? Ja igram jos DF. http://www.hcl.hr/forum/Smileys/Alpha/HIHA2.png
Neg, lurkajte na #pcplay, ako nebudem mogao zaspati budem se konektao.

05-09-2010, 21:25
Ja nisam ni bio obavjesten da je pola goblina gotovo :D aj budem doso kasnije na #pcplay

05-09-2010, 23:10
čekček, nema high elfova==nema shadow warriora???

05-09-2010, 23:31
High elfovi nebi ni mrtvi otisli u mercenarie

06-09-2010, 14:37
Sama hijerarhija High Elfova ne prizanje placenicki odnos vojnika i gospodara,oni su iznad toga. :)

06-09-2010, 14:42
What she said :D

06-09-2010, 14:46
@Ranger:vise je Dark Elf==Shadow ratnik.

06-09-2010, 14:48
Dark elf je Shade-assasini koji koriste najopasnije otrove i repeating crossbowe :D..kakvi shadow warriori oni su kao mala dječica nasprem Shades ^^

06-09-2010, 14:51
Same crap to us Imperial Greatswords,they die just like anyone else. :)

06-09-2010, 15:04
We shall see

08-09-2010, 10:51
@Ranger:vise je Dark Elf==Shadow ratnik.

lol, nije da shadow warriori nemrze druchiije najviše na svijetu, i nije da ih malekith nije prevario i razrušio im zemlju :>

jel se može onda napravit iznimka za mene, nemoraju bit high elfovi kao rasa, več samo da se nekim čudom shadow warrior našo 10ak tisuča kilometara od mjesta gdje bi trebo bit ^^?

08-09-2010, 14:22
Napisi odmah sada bio tvog chara, posalji ga strajkeru, pa budemo razmotrili.
Za sada: ne.

08-09-2010, 15:52
No, dobro - pošalji. Treba ti jebeno dobar razlog zašto nije tamo gdje bi trebao biti, inače nema iznimke.

08-09-2010, 16:07
Ono, sto se mene tice, moze biti i lizardmen, al to sto strajker kaze.
Razlog mora biti tako dobar da je lik negdje gdje realno nebi trebao/smio biti, i to tako kvalitetno napisan da bi ga i autori Games Workshopa prihvatili da je canon.

08-09-2010, 17:36
U prijevodu,teško da će se dogoditi,i šta ti fali sa wood elfovima? Ono i njihovo stavljanje je bilo tricky al smo ih stavili jer ima više šanse da oni odu u mercove nego high elfovi

09-09-2010, 22:18
Suddenly: procrastination.

Budemo pokusali skupiti se za vikend da napravimo nekakav napredak, po mogucnosti zavrsili racialse.
Trenutno jedina stvar koju strajh samnom radi je kombo brejkanje u ponavljanju sekvence Y-M-C-A. :)

09-09-2010, 22:45
Napisi odmah sada bio tvog chara, posalji ga strajkeru, pa budemo razmotrili.
Za sada: ne.

neda mi se

09-09-2010, 22:49
Wood elf ili dark elf then?

09-09-2010, 22:50
neznam, al definitivno ču razmislit o tom

10-09-2010, 13:11
Suddenly: procrastination.

Budemo pokusali skupiti se za vikend da napravimo nekakav napredak, po mogucnosti zavrsili racialse.
Trenutno jedina stvar koju strajh samnom radi je kombo brejkanje u ponavljanju sekvence Y-M-C-A. :)

Morat ces to samo sa strikerom jer ja danas idem na nocnu smijenu i onda odmah radim jutarnju pa sam na poslu 18 sati pa cu se vratiti doma u subotu u 14..a onda se trebam pakirati i u nedjelju dao Bog putujem natrag u Zagreb

15-09-2010, 21:29
Primate li još igrača? Ako primate ja bih probao :D

15-09-2010, 21:43
Mislim da primamo al nece ti ovo jos skoro doci,imamo malu pauzu pa krecemo opet ^^

15-09-2010, 21:46
Ok, nigdje mi se ne žuri. :D Mislim nisam nikad igrao tako da mi dobro dođe još vremena da vidim kako ide.

15-09-2010, 21:49
Super.Ma glavno da krene =) sad pocinju skole i faksovi pa nam poremetilo sve al kad se skuliramo ponovo cemo poceti updatati i nadam se do 10tog ili sredinom 10tog poceti vise sa ovim.Ne zelimo vele zuriti jer treba jbg pricu razraditi

30-09-2010, 22:00
Ima li nekih novosti?

30-09-2010, 22:01
Da, obaveze nas stisle, pa radimo vikendom. :D

01-10-2010, 14:41
Da, obaveze nas stisle, pa radimo vikendom. :D

Ja trenutno cekam da dobijem internet (internet caffei zasad) pa cu se ja ponovo prikljuciti radu

01-10-2010, 18:51
ja sam htio nest s Kroatijem napravit

al Striker odbija predat vitalne informacije i sam AFKa cijelo vrijeme

01-10-2010, 18:54
Nije da odbijam, već nisam tu. (fax) Odi na MSN, sad ću ti iskopati.

01-10-2010, 21:36
Izgleda da sam ovaj vikend zapeo na mobitelu.
Ignoring that, delirij, javi mi se na msn'u, imamo jos hobbitse citave i dovrsiti gobline. Nasao logove kad smo radili wood elfove, budem pokusao da dodem nekako do polovice goblina, dark elfove (mislim da smo ih napravili, al moguce da sam nesta zamijenio), dwarfove i ako je jos nesta ostalo.

02-10-2010, 08:51
budem ^^

inace imam za Wood Elfove
moramo jos doradit onaj Summon Skill
mal ga prilagodit mehanici igre

03-10-2010, 15:10
Jel netko ima zapise svega jer ce meni trebati podaci o svim elfovima,hobbitima i goblinima..tj kad dobim net >.<

03-10-2010, 19:27
brijem da imam sve human rase, ogreove i wood elfove...tu negdje XD

03-10-2010, 19:38
Sorkac za vikend, ovaj msn app me izbaci ako idlea 10ak min.
Posaljite mi pp ili tako nesto, mozda cu zamijetiti poruku.
Also, imam vise-manje sve podatke azurirane.

Sutra budem opet na kompu.
Jebenih 3% razlike na ispitu. :(

04-10-2010, 15:30
Ja imam humane,ogrove i od dwarfa raciale i to,elfovi mi fale

04-10-2010, 19:27
sad sam se sjetio što bi moj SW radio u pripizidini par milja kilometara od njegovog oriđiđi prebivališta.

retardiran je. odbacili su ga. on je jadan tako hodo pa je pao u more i valovi su ga odnjeli preko onda je opet hodo i došo je tamo. jel može?

05-10-2010, 12:33
Roleplayanje retardiranog lika...umjetnost ili slijepa ulica?

05-10-2010, 19:19
niko me ne razumije :(

06-10-2010, 14:56
Što si tolko navalio na SW-a XD sta fali wood elfovima?

06-10-2010, 19:06
gejasti su lol

06-10-2010, 19:38
gejasti su lol

Ahaaa XD...sta god ti kazes

11-10-2010, 08:29
Ok evo Dwarfsa, nadam se da je u redu, ako ne onda javite Pinguu il nekom da mi edita post :D


[center:2akhguzo]Dwarves are an ancient and a proud race of short humanoids. Their bodies are well muscled and strong. They are the hardiest race in the world. Although their once great empire flickers on the brink, they are still one of the prominant powers that move the world. Craftsmen like no other the Dwarves work in their forges day and night producing famed dwarven weapons and armour. Many Dwarves can now be found living in the cities of men. The Dwarves who continue to live in the ancient Dwarven cities are known as Imperial Dwarves, a secretive part of the race, very inclosed and xenophobic...[/center:2akhguzo]

[center:2akhguzo]Dwarven Stubbornness- +2 Endurance, +2 Strength

Ye Custom- +4 Axes/Maces / Firearms / (Cross)Bows
(odabire jedan)

Former Shieldbearer- +6 Willpower, -2 Intelligence

Tinkerer - Koristi i izrađuje različit equipment

Runesmith Begginer - Može urezivati osnovne rune u equipment
(mora nauciti bolje rune)

Dwarven Craftsmanship- Može popravljati oružja/oklope party member[/center:2akhguzo]

[center:2akhguzo]Dwarven stubbornes is known throughout the world, and the only thing that surpasses it is their
love for making and using, in a deadly manner, of weapons. Much imperial Dwarves are the members of the shieldbearers, the tactics they learn there are employed by countless dwarf mercenaries. All dwarves are masters of Crafting, and even the lowliest of them can fashion something out of metal but only a few are gifted with the power of rune-scribing, those who are, are almost always recruited into guilds. But Dwarven Craftsmanship does not end here, it goes without saying that they are the greatest tinkerers in the world, and many practical and wondruos things are a produce of dwarven engineers. [/center:2akhguzo]

11-10-2010, 14:07
Dwarf power! :pray:

Bar znam koja ću rasa bit :D

Arbiter of Change
11-10-2010, 18:56
Ajde to više. :)

11-10-2010, 19:47
Radimo al neki su vise zauzeti od ostalih pa se jedva nalazimo al mislimo da ce rase biti gotove do vikenda..onda cemo ja i striker sredjivati pricu i sve a kroati ce objasniti combat i sve..but we shall see

11-10-2010, 19:49
Ja igram ok?(pod uslovom da je ostalo mesta,a mesta cini mi se ima,ne?)

11-10-2010, 19:51
Roleplayanje retardiranog lika...umjetnost ili slijepa ulica?

In my case, art. :)

11-10-2010, 19:59
Ja igram ok?(pod uslovom da je ostalo mesta,a mesta cini mi se ima,ne?)

Mesta uvijek ima dont you worry ,samo nemoj rushat jer fakat zelimo sve odraditi kak spada

11-10-2010, 21:22
Znate da sam ja uvijek za rp. Ak je taj rp još i warhammer, onda super. Stavite samo negdje nekakav reference sheet sa pravilima, opcijama, rasama etc da se znam(o) snaći.

11-10-2010, 21:24
Upravo radimo rase i zavrsavamo ih a onda cemo tehniku i sve,vi dotad pratite i malo citajte lore do 1500-1600 IC :D

12-10-2010, 19:12
[center:h8i1n4yf]DARK ELVES[/center:h8i1n4yf]


[center:h8i1n4yf]Dark Elves or the Naggarothi were not always cruel and vicius like they are today.Before the birth of Sigmar elves of Naggaroth were calling Ulthuan home as any other elf and would willingly die in its protection.During the first war with daemons Naggarothi were lead by biggest hero of elfkin Aenarion and he was the first elf who became Phoenix King and lead his people to victory.To achieve victory the elf king took the cursed blade of Khaine and with each passing year the sword was draining him and was lurking him to madness.After the final battle with daemons Aenarion took the blade and left it on the Altar of Khaine in Blighted Isle.Shorty afterwards he collapsed and died and since that no elf found his bones so the first Phoenix King didnt even get a proper burial.[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]Before he died he left a child who he made with his wife Morathi.The boys name was Malekith and he was tought in ways of combat and sorcery since he was able to lift a sword as any other male elf of Naggaroth.After his fathers death he was still young by elven standards but capable enough to be the new Phoenix King but the honour was not his for Aenarion had a daughter from his first marriage and his daughter was the second Everqueen and thus wasnt able to become a King.But his sister had a plan so she married Bel Shanaar,a lowly ranger that in normal curcumstances wouldt even be able to become a king if it wasnt for his marriege.Morathi was furius by the council&#39;s decision but Malekith remained calm and decided to wait and to gain glory before the next election.He was younger than Bel Shanaar and thus would be able to become king after his passing.

In his travels Malekith discovered many lands,made pacts with dwarven kin which gave the elves good trade income and made them
rich beyond reason but the elves of Ulthuan remember Bel Shanaar as the grand explorereven if he didnt even leave his throne room for more hundred years.After thousand or more years Malekith was called back home to destroy Pleasure Cults which were infesting the land.After first major battle Malekith discovered that the leader was none else than his mother. I the last battle he captured her mother and granted her mercy as he promised to every cultist that surrendered.Even after so many victories and good he made Malekith didnt raise in the eyes of the king so with his mothers help he poisoned Bel Shanaar and claimed that the king was part of Pleasure Cults.[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]Telling that to the princes that were assembled in Shrine of Asuryan he expected that they will pass him the crown but they were skeptic so in attept to take the crown Malekith and his followers slaughtered the princes.To show that he is the true king Malekith walked throught the Eternal Flame but the flame began to consume him and he was terribly burned. His followers fled back to Anlec with their master&#39;s body, where Morathi nursed him back to health. After that terrible civil war began in which the followers of Malekith were defeated.In his attempt to withdraw Malekith and his sorceresvunleashed terrible amount of magical energy to preserve their fortresses transforming them into floating Black Arks and thus destroying much of the Shadowlands landscape and unleashing wall of sea water thousand feet high that drowned thousands.The Black Arks sailed westwards eventually coming to rest in the north of The New World. Malekith named this land Naggaroth and his exiled people, now called Dark Elves, made a new civilization for themselves.Today Dark Elves are still at war with High Elves and are known as fierce warriors, merciless cutthroats,deadly coursairs,corrupt and deadly sorcerers and capable and cruel pirates.But many of them appreciate the value of the coin so they are more than glad to assasinate or fight for those with their deep enough pockets.[/center:h8i1n4yf]



[center:h8i1n4yf]Dark Elves arent only known for their military proweness or guile and stealth,they are even more known for their use of black arts and the way they use those vile energies to massacre their enemies.The elves were thought about black arts by no other than by Malekiths mother Morathi and she was even tutor to her dearest son who is the only male elf that can actually use black arts and is allowed to use them.[/center:h8i1n4yf]


[center:h8i1n4yf]Truth is that Morathi knew from her own experiance that elven women were more capable of controlling the vile energies and decided that only women are allowed to teach the black arts and every elven sorcerrer that learned the arts (and wasnt consumed by the black magic) became one of many Malekith&#39;s brides. There is no such sorcerrer that doesnt dream of being the wife of their Dark Lord but those thoughts mostly remained dreams because for many centuries no sorcerrer ever became Malekith&#39;s wife because he just found them unworthy,but still they hope and dream and because of that promise of power Malekith maniges to hold a tight leesh on his sorcerrers.That and ofcourse the prospect of painfull and vile death if they would even think of betraying their king.[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]Some male elves didnt care much for the law that didn&#39;t allow them to practice black magic.Those few practiced it in secret and were mostly killed by the vile energies because of the lack of control,will and proper guidance.But even if they werent allowed to use black arts they are still elves and thus they can tap to the flow of eight winds with more ease than any human and master more of them which still makes them a potent sorcerrers and more than proper hireling for any army.That is if they are willing to pay enough.[/center:h8i1n4yf]



[center:h8i1n4yf]1. Guile of Khaine:+4 Short Blades, +2 Agility, - 2 Charisma[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]2.Naggarithe Training:+3 Spears/(Cross)Bows,+2,+1 AgilityS(Bira se Spears ili (Cross)Bows)[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]3.Coursair:+3 Long Blades/(Cross)Bows,+2 Endurance,-1 Personality[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]4.Exiled sorcerrer: bonus to 8 Winds magic (lowered possibilty that spell backfires)S(male only)[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]Hand Of Ereth Khial: soul leech effects,each attack heals for 10% of damage made (3 turn cooldown,if used before cooldown end the effect is lowered)[/center:h8i1n4yf]


[center:h8i1n4yf]Lock up your children, shut all windows tight.
The Witch Elves are hunting for victims tonight.
When old hags do knock at your door, you must hide,
Your death is the gift sought by Khaine0s pretty brides.

Traditional nursery rhyme sung on Death Night by Dark Elf Children [/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]"We are the most civilized race on the planet. We have more ways to kill you then anyone else".[/center:h8i1n4yf]

[center:h8i1n4yf]"We shall strike down our foes with sharp steel and cold hearts. The weak die so that the strong prevail and none shall be spared. Then and only then will our enemies know the true meaning of fear."

- Malekith, The Witch King of Naggaroth[/center:h8i1n4yf]


Eto nadam se da ovo valja :p

12-10-2010, 19:33
ona slika sa swordmasterom(?) iza kojeg je zmaj je prebolesna.

gives me boner, gg napravljeno.

12-10-2010, 19:39
And were 'z da greenskinz???

Ri'in' and talkin' az da boyz do should be 'z fun 'z choppin' up stupid 'umies xD

12-10-2010, 19:46
Od greenskinsa su goblini neznam ocu li njih nocas il sutra

12-10-2010, 19:53
Goblin shaman reserved xD

12-10-2010, 19:58
Shaman uses Da Green =( i ima efekta samo sa greenskinsima pa bi bilo nerealno

@Ranger to je otac Malekitha i prvi Phoenix King

12-10-2010, 20:04
Skoro mi dođe da igram ovo, al samo, ako ima neka Templar klasa.

12-10-2010, 20:08
Al zato mozes biti tinkerer. :)

Templar as in?
Onak, nema predodredene klase, kad napravite char biose/stat raspodjelu cemo vam dati neku opisnu klasu ili neku vasu po odabiru. Naravno, sve mora biti vise-manje canon, tak da nemozete staviti nekog big badass templara koji je ujedino i brat od ovog i onog boga.

Naravno, nisam rekao da ne mozete postati templar tokom napredovanja price. :P

12-10-2010, 20:11
White Wolves of Middenheim su zapravo Templari boga Ulrica i u boj idu sa kožom bjelog vuka i maljem..fancy enough? Naravno ko sto je kroati reko nece ti biti klasa Templar nego cete morati napraviti pricu svog chara.Mozes staviti da si iz Middenheima (znaci empire) boriti se sa maljem i mozda tijekom price nadjes neki wolf pelt il sta vec :D

12-10-2010, 20:24
Shaman uses Da Green =( i ima efekta samo sa greenskinsima pa bi bilo nerealno

@Ranger to je otac Malekitha i prvi Phoenix King

zašto je tako taman?

btw jel onaj skrin dark elfova iz WARa?:S

12-10-2010, 20:26
Nista nije iz wara..ono ti je screen iz Warhammer:Battle March ekspanzija za Warhammer: Mark of Chaos did dobijes orkove i dark elfove

Blade of Khaine probably,zato je taman a i elfovi Naggarotha ili Shadowlandsa su uvijek bili tamniji od ostalih elfova i imali crnu kosu

12-10-2010, 21:13
sad sam uvatio vremena pročitat text. lol ane nije blizzard napravio arthasa i frostmourne po uzoru na aenariona i khaine's blade i ne oni isto nisu napravili to po uzoru na turina i onaj njegov mač(kojeg je napravio dark elf btw), koji lanac krađe :D

12-10-2010, 21:19
Ne bih ulazio u to al dosta moguce :D samo sto Aenarion nije bio zao nego ga je hvato bloodlust i sve a mac mu je davo vizije kao sto je i Malekithu prvi put kad je doso blizu altara.Aenarion je vratio mac bas da ne poludi a elfovi su mislili da je kletva maca uhvatila i Malekitha jer je on rodjen za vrijeme dok je Aenarion koristio taj mac

12-10-2010, 21:32
btw taj altar je BO u WARu :D

12-10-2010, 21:39
Znam i ja sam igro War lol

12-10-2010, 21:41
samo ističem jer mi je to prejebena spoznaja ^^

13-10-2010, 00:31


[center:dij4clon]Goblins like any other greenskins are one of biggest plagues of the Old World.Little green beasts about as tall as a dwarf and with long arms,sharp claws and teeths.By description goblins appear like a dangerous creatures but one goblin is not very intimidating because they tend to be quite cowardly if they dont have advantage of numbers and if they come in parties the chance that they will have that advantage is very big.Since the beggining of time goblins were nuisance and were wrecking havoc when they
would gather vast numbers.Not as orcs these little bastards have some cunning and they will use it in most devilish ways,from using mushroom or spider goo as poison to the making of siege engines like primitive catapults or ballistas.The fact that they are still living is not because they are strong or manige to hide good.No, the thing is that goblins dont have a need to mate like humans or elves
do.They simply grow out of dirt and it is believed that on place where goblin or orc dies more will grow out so to prevent it other races would always burn their bodies.[/center:dij4clon]


[center:dij4clon]Even if they lack the strenght to beat other races in combat goblins maniged to achieve big victories over many races during the history.Once and than a powerfull (in goblin standards) goblin chieftan would emerge or a cunning shaman who lead the goblins to many victories and once they even maniged to get to Ulthuan itself and almost destroy the world because of the disturbances in the Vortex at the hearth of Ulthwe which was caused by chanting of many goblin shaman&#39;s.[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]Grom the Paunch-greatest goblins chieftan that brought his horde all the way
to Ulthuan where he was defeated[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]Goblins are also known for their skill in taming beasts as big spiders,squigs or wolves which they use as mounts or and they are very familiar with poison making and in brewing varius potions and drugs with mushroom..which could go together with poison aswell because most of those potions and drugs kill or bring the person who drank it to insanity and again..to death.[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]Goblin Fanatic after drinking fungus drugs which sended him berserk and gave him strenght.
Sideffects-death after effect wears off[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]During centuries some goblin parties even started selling their service to armies that were offerin coin and even as bizzare as it sounds some people even hired them because they were actually usefull in armies as archers,shock troops or mostly cannon fodder.There arent many captains that wouldnt give a coin to see a goblin blown apart by a canon ball which is always more favorable than letting their veteran soldiers get killed.[/center:dij4clon]


[center:dij4clon]Goblin shamans are known for their usage of special magic they call Da Green.The special thing about their magic is that its potency depends on the number of greenskins and their mood.If shaman starts casting spells in a mob of greenskins that just whent into bloodlust the shamans spells will be very devastating but if the mob starts to flee or panic the effects can be very devastating.Many shamans eat varius mushrooms to improve their spells but that also makes some of them blow up in a blast of green energy and because of that no mercenary camps would ever think of hiring such ticking time bombs.[/center:dij4clon]



[center:dij4clon]1.Blessing of Gork: +3 Intelligence,+1 Agility[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]2.Blessing of Mork:+3 Strenght,+1 Endurance[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]3.Trickery:+2 Intelligence,+2 Charizma[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]4.Mounty:can mount enemy and attack it or beast and try to control it[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]Tool Git:Can make equipment and trinkets (have a big chance of backfire)[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]"Stick &#39;em wiv arrers&#39;. Stick &#39;em with knives. &#39;an swords, and spears. Stick &#39;em quick and stick &#39;em where it &#39;urts. But most of all, stick &#39;em when they&#39;s looking in the other way."[/center:dij4clon]

[center:dij4clon]Gorduz Backstabber, Hobgoblin Chieftain[/center:dij4clon]


Evo vam i goblina,malo sam rusho pa sorry ak sam nes failo

27-10-2010, 05:01
Ispricavam se sto toliko kasnimo sa zavrsavanjem rasa al cu se potruditi da ovaj tjedan budu gotovi wood elfovi i hobiti,nakon njih cemo doradjivati magije koje cu/cemo postati kada budu gotove i objasniti kako ce funkcionirati a onda cemo poceti dovrsavati sistem borbe,skilla i ostalog skupa sa pocetnom pricom.Zbog faksa i svega to nece biti obavljeno brzo pa molimo strpljenje jer ipak zelimo napraviti ovo kak spada :D do tad mozete ko Stips22 napraviti biografiju svog lika na engleskom,ne treba biti presavrseno glavno da drzi vodu a ja,striker i croati cemo doraditi tu biografiju kad pocne RP.Ak netko treba smjernice za radnju biografije (da nebude preuvelicavanje kao da ste kopile emperora il sta vec) pitajte mene na msnu ili pp-u :D.

Anyway evo sta je Stips napravio(ne nije slika XD):


[center:1z3ah8ag]Helmar Runereader[/center:1z3ah8ag]

[center:1z3ah8ag]Helmar Runereader was born in 1484 IC and is the son of Lianna Runereader. Lianna Runereaders grand-grand-grand-grandparents moved to The Empire after
Sigmar became the first Emperor of The Empire. They came there to teach human engineers the basics of engineering. She took over her familys&#39; bussines when she was 146 years old. After some years of working there she met Gatre Holyfighter who was a „War of the Beard“ deserter and thus making him a Slayer he was cast out of the Karak Wyr clan.

When Helmar was just a young Dwarf Lianna and Gatre decided that they should move from Streissen to Grissenwald.
On their way there they were ambushed by bandits. Gatre was no easy target though, so he battled the bandits well but
there was too many of them. He yelled at Helmar to go away, to run for it because Helmar was in no condition to fight.
He was too young for it. Helmar who was allready on the horse escaped and found shelter in Grissenwald hoping his
parents will return. That never happened because his parents died that day. An old lady Kara Kindheart offered him home for
she knew the Dwarven kin well. Helmar was always fascinated by axes and siege machines. Before she died, Lianna tought all she knew

about engineering because Helmar showed a great pontetial for engineering and rune carving. But to learn everything properly he had
to go back to the Karak Wyr clan where he was forbidden to enter. So his great potential was left unexplored. Humans don&#39;t live
long as Dwarfs do so old lady Kara pased away and because she had no family on her own she left everything to Helmar.
Helmar had to find a way to earn the money for food so he used his skill: he repaired and made weapons and sold them.
The business started growing so he made his own house into a blacksmith and started creating a large amount of weapons.
But then, after he spent all of his well-earned money for blacksmith appliances the business started going downwards.
He started gambling to win a lot of money so he could start shipping weapons to other cities of The Empire and eventually
beyond The Empire itself but the plan backfired. He lost every single penny and went completely bankrupt so he sold the old
lady Karas&#39; house and was on the streets again. While on the streets he met a couple of Human miners and learned that miners
have a not much payed job but they are given house and food so he decides to work as a miner.

He started working and he had a roof over his head, fresh meal and most importantly he had money. But his addiction for gambling returned so in hope he will
win more money he went back to gambling. This time he lost a lot more than his money, he lost his hand-made lucky axe so he
decided to quit and buy it off because he made that axe when he was just a child and he couldn&#39;t live without it.
But it just wasn&#39;t his luck. The mine in which he worked collapsed and thus it was not operational anymore.
Without the mine, he lost the job, without the job he lost the house- he was on the streets once again.
He then realised that he won&#39;t be able to gain enough money to buy off his axe so he decided to steal it.
Yes, it was below Dwarfs&#39; honor but he got nothing else to do. So one night under the cover of darkness
he entered the loansharks house and took his axe. It went good until loansharks dog didn&#39;t see Helmar.
Dog started barking and attacked Helmar. In self-defece he slew the dog but the loanshark awakened and saw Helmar with now loansharks axe.

Loanshark called the guards and Helmar escaped. He knew that staying in Grissenwald meant more trouble with the law
so he decided to leave the city. He went north through the forests of Reiklandn, Stirland and Talabecland to the city of
Talabheim, one of the four capitals of The Empire. But word spreads fast through The Empire and Helmar was already wanted
in Talabheim. He could not enter into the city without being seen so he decided to leave The Empire and go further
north, to Kislev. After entering the land of Kislev he experienced a fierce cold weather which he never felt before
but he felt good on it. It was probably his Dwarf mountain genes that made him resistand to the cold weather. On his
journey he stumbled across a camp so Helmar decided to go and rest there. As it turned out it was mercenary camp with a
couple of mercenaries.

Helmar lost faith in himself, he tought he could never find work for himself so he decided
to join the mercenaries. As they all sat together around the campfire Helmar asked is it possible for a Dwarf to
become a mercenary and if possible where can he become one. Other mercenaries pointed him towards Kislev (city) and to join Boyar
Vladimir Farasionovichs party of mercenaries. It sounded like a odd plan for Helmar so he went to Kislev and joined the mercenaries.
Helmar was not taught for battle but in his journeys to the land of Kislev he learned a lot: he learned to
fight and most importantly he learned to survive. He learned to trust his instincts.[/center:1z3ah8ag]

27-10-2010, 09:34
inace ja u dogovoru s strajkerom kuckam hobite polako

budu vani za vikend ak prođu sve kontrole XD

:D necu bit jedini dwarf :DDDD

27-10-2010, 13:45
Ne zaboravi da sam ja jedan od tih kontrola :D ne izlaze dok i ja ne vidim sta ste napravili

27-10-2010, 19:04
nema problema chief ^^

05-11-2010, 12:53
Hoće li ovo?

05-11-2010, 12:55
Work in progres.Dajmo im vremena,bolje da lepo natenane razvijaju ovo nezno klupko,nego da zbrze stvar i posle stalno up-dejtaju pravila/lore/bilo sta.Imam poverenja u ekipu,uradice oni to.

05-11-2010, 13:26
Malo smo odgadjali rase al bude to gotovo (znam stips da to govorim vec tjedan i po) al bolje neki napredak nego nikakav,nakon rasa je razrada magije,itema,dorada nekih statsa i kuharica,nakon toga bi trebali doraditi dovoljno lorea i price za prvih nekoliko dana (tjedana) igranja i onda krece :D nije lako napraviti pricu mora biti interesanta,mora biti u toku sa vremenom (IC) i treba biti sukladna loreu :D so yeah..much work

05-11-2010, 19:35


[center:2arsvl7t]Halflings are a race of small humanoids that live in The Moot, a region of The Empire. They are roughly half the height of a fully grown man, and are a peaceful and rustic folk, not naturally inclined to adventure or the ways of war. They have great fondness for the simple comforts of good food and drink, a taste which lends them a rather wide frame.[/center:2arsvl7t]

[center:2arsvl7t]But even if they are a peaceful race halflings are forced to go to wars when the time comes.When Emperor Ludwig the Fat issued a charter granting them their own autonomous province halflings started to help the Empire in their wars and in exchange they were getting protection for even if they were a peaceful race the land of the halflings is near the borders of Sylvania and dark thick forest filled with mutants and other vile beasts surrounds the Moot.[/center:2arsvl7t]


[center:2arsvl7t]Halflings were never a race known for their fighting skill.Even if they were similar to dwarfs in form they were nothing like them and lacked the muscular form of the Dwarven race,but some people say that would be different if Halflings werent so lazy.Instead of being men at arms halflings help the armies of Empire by scavening goods for the army and making rations in which they excel.While Empire armies have halfling cooks they will never go to battle hungry.But since there are more than enough halflings to take care of rations other get the tasks of skirmishing and scouting since their short form makes them hard to notice.[/center:2arsvl7t]


[center:2arsvl7t]Everyone knows that halflings love food and sleep and drink but the only thing they love more than that is simple,little,round,golden,coin.Even if they are very different than dwarfs halflings share their greed for gold and they do many things to lay their hand on it.Since they are small they make excellent thieves and since they started with thievery all halflings were called thieves by the simple folk of Empire which proves how good they were at it.Other halflings joined mercenary bands lending their bow,sword and their ladle to their cause in exchange for gold.Their bows and swords were found quite usefull in some bands but even their ladles came handy for food can be used for more things than simply feeding people.[/center:2arsvl7t]



1.Moot Watchman-S+4 Bows

2.Fat Rogue-S+3 Axes/Maces/Short Swords, +1 Endurance (you must pick beetwen first three weapons for +3 bonus)

3.Lil' Bastard-Ssneak bonus

4.Scavenger-Sloot bonus (faster combat looting,can find hidden objects)

5.Gift of Esmeralda-SCan cookS(food bonus depends on the recipe)


Eto još je jedna rasa ostala (wood elves) koju cu updatati tijekom vikenda pa se onda bacamo na izradu magija,itema,serdjivanje nekih statsa,recepta i tako dalje. Nadam se da cete biti strpljivi jer stvarno ocemo da igra bude interesantna,zabavna i korektna prema loreu.Eto ako imate pitanja za halflinge ili druge rase pitajte,,ak ne uzivajte u zadnjoj slici :D

05-11-2010, 22:01
Zajebo si skillove. Opet. Cekaj na mene i strajhera da ih potvrdimo. :r

05-11-2010, 22:06
Actually prepiso sam skillove koje si mi ti dao XD

09-11-2010, 21:28
[center:1vop4lyz]WOOD ELVES[/center:1vop4lyz]


[center:1vop4lyz]The Wood Elves (known as "Asrai" to themselves) were once members of the High Elves, the original group of elves in the Warhammer world. Setting sail from their homeland of Ulthuan, an island-continent in the ocean to the west, the High Elves colonised the lands later inhabited by men, including the forest of Athel Loren. After many years of peaceful existence, these colonists came into conflict with the Dwarves, a conflict which escalated into open war. Known as the War of the Beard (Dwarves sometimes call it the War of Vengeance), this centuries long conflict saw Dwarven forces through Athel Loren, felling trees to fuel their furnaces, and to spite the nature loving Elves. Some Elven colonist took to the woods to prevent this destruction, ambushing the Dwarven forces when possible.

Eventually the High Elves, after the death of Caledor II and with the Dark Elf invasion of Ulthuan, made the decision to retreat back to their homeland to its defense. However many of the colonists felt little loyalty towards that distant land and, having formed a bond with the woods of Athel Loren, chose to remain. They became known as the Wood Elves. Over time the forest&#39;s other inhabitants, spirits such as dryads, treemen and spites, have come to accept the elves, although some such as the branchwraith Drycha still resent their presence, and parts of the wood, such as the Wildwood, still remain closed to them.

The Wood Elves have learnt to wield Athel Loren as a weapon against invaders, leading invaders down magical pathways to wander for centuries, only re-appearing many years later before quickly ageing and dying. Such &#39;tree-singing&#39; is also used to form great cities in the trees, cities which few outsiders are ever permitted to see. The Wood Elves cannot be described as morally &#39;good&#39; or &#39;bad&#39;, lacking the clear definition of their cousins, the High Elves and Dark Elves. Like nature itself, they can appear as fickle and capricious as the winter chill, yet also as warm as the summer sun. Athel Loren, the enchanted forest of the Wood Elves, is ruled by two powerful elves called Ariel and Orion who are possessed by deities which are manifestations of aspects of nature. Ariel being the peaceful regenerative representation of nature, and Orion is the warlike unpredictable side.[/center:1vop4lyz]


[center:1vop4lyz]Even if they are protected by their forest and its magic and dwellers the Wood Elves are far from safe.Many times they were attacked by large beastman bands and other chaos fiends and for that forces of chaos are their main enemy.The isolation the elves like doesnt mean that they are hostile to other races,actually since the forest of Athek Loren is technicly part of Kingdom of Brettonia,brettonians were first men Wood Elves made treaty with and Wood Elves often join their fights if it is against their common foe.

Though they are not High Elves anymore Wood Elves still worship some elven entities such as Kurnous and Isha and respect the other elven gods. They are even very familiar with ways of magic like any other elven mage and the wood elf mages (called Spellsingers) can tap to the eight winds with ease and grace like any other elf,but they are different than High Elven mages for Spellsingers can use fey magic but they can use it only in boundaries of Athek Loren.[/center:1vop4lyz]


[center:1vop4lyz]Wood elves are known for their great skirmishing and archery skills.They can hide almost anywhere,ambush anyone even the carefull dwarfs who are known to have very keen senses and if needed they can rain a hail of arrows on their foes and makes their enemies flee before the battle has even trully started.Those elves are called Glade Guard and they are first line of defense if forest gets invaded by any enemy[/center:1vop4lyz]

[center:1vop4lyz]Every wood elf loves his home and kin but even they sometimes get the urge to wander away from home for many reasons.Some of those reasons are pure curiosity but wood elves are too disciplined to go away just because they got curius,so they mostly go to other parts of old world to fight beastmen and other servants of chaos,to find other spirits of the woods and get known with them or for some other reason which they keep for themselves.[/center:1vop4lyz]

[center:1vop4lyz]When they decide to go from their homeland for some period they move unseen and are almost never detected unless they want to.When they get in contact with other races they are very carefull and never talk much and if they are captured they would rather die than give any information about their home to the enemy.[/center:1vop4lyz]



1.Sylvanas Protection- +4 Bows

2.Stillnes of Foliage- +3 Agility,+1 Intelligence

3.Wild Hunt-S+2Strenght, +3 Endurance, -1 Agility

4.Natures's Wrath-S+3 Spears/Long blades, +1 Agility ,Choose one weapon bonus

5.Voice of Athel Loren- summons a friendly spirit


09-11-2010, 21:51
zašto wild hunt oduzima -1 agility?

onak kad loviš nekog, tj. u ovom slučaju wild hunt, dakle prije neka hajka na nešto, trebo bit prilično brz i agilan ^^

09-11-2010, 21:57
^^ to su onak pocetni skillovi mi to mozemo promijeniti malo kada igra pocne nije problem

da ne ostane na prosloj strani sve

[center:3c0qs1qw]WOOD ELVES[/center:3c0qs1qw]


[center:3c0qs1qw]The Wood Elves (known as "Asrai" to themselves) were once members of the High Elves, the original group of elves in the Warhammer world. Setting sail from their homeland of Ulthuan, an island-continent in the ocean to the west, the High Elves colonised the lands later inhabited by men, including the forest of Athel Loren. After many years of peaceful existence, these colonists came into conflict with the Dwarves, a conflict which escalated into open war. Known as the War of the Beard (Dwarves sometimes call it the War of Vengeance), this centuries long conflict saw Dwarven forces through Athel Loren, felling trees to fuel their furnaces, and to spite the nature loving Elves. Some Elven colonist took to the woods to prevent this destruction, ambushing the Dwarven forces when possible.

Eventually the High Elves, after the death of Caledor II and with the Dark Elf invasion of Ulthuan, made the decision to retreat back to their homeland to its defense. However many of the colonists felt little loyalty towards that distant land and, having formed a bond with the woods of Athel Loren, chose to remain. They became known as the Wood Elves. Over time the forest&#39;s other inhabitants, spirits such as dryads, treemen and spites, have come to accept the elves, although some such as the branchwraith Drycha still resent their presence, and parts of the wood, such as the Wildwood, still remain closed to them.

The Wood Elves have learnt to wield Athel Loren as a weapon against invaders, leading invaders down magical pathways to wander for centuries, only re-appearing many years later before quickly ageing and dying. Such &#39;tree-singing&#39; is also used to form great cities in the trees, cities which few outsiders are ever permitted to see. The Wood Elves cannot be described as morally &#39;good&#39; or &#39;bad&#39;, lacking the clear definition of their cousins, the High Elves and Dark Elves. Like nature itself, they can appear as fickle and capricious as the winter chill, yet also as warm as the summer sun. Athel Loren, the enchanted forest of the Wood Elves, is ruled by two powerful elves called Ariel and Orion who are possessed by deities which are manifestations of aspects of nature. Ariel being the peaceful regenerative representation of nature, and Orion is the warlike unpredictable side.[/center:3c0qs1qw]


[center:3c0qs1qw]Even if they are protected by their forest and its magic and dwellers the Wood Elves are far from safe.Many times they were attacked by large beastman bands and other chaos fiends and for that forces of chaos are their main enemy.The isolation the elves like doesnt mean that they are hostile to other races,actually since the forest of Athek Loren is technicly part of Kingdom of Brettonia,brettonians were first men Wood Elves made treaty with and Wood Elves often join their fights if it is against their common foe.

Though they are not High Elves anymore Wood Elves still worship some elven entities such as Kurnous and Isha and respect the other elven gods. They are even very familiar with ways of magic like any other elven mage and the wood elf mages (called Spellsingers) can tap to the eight winds with ease and grace like any other elf,but they are different than High Elven mages for Spellsingers can use fey magic but they can use it only in boundaries of Athek Loren.[/center:3c0qs1qw]


[center:3c0qs1qw]Wood elves are known for their great skirmishing and archery skills.They can hide almost anywhere,ambush anyone even the carefull dwarfs who are known to have very keen senses and if needed they can rain a hail of arrows on their foes and makes their enemies flee before the battle has even trully started.Those elves are called Glade Guard and they are first line of defense if forest gets invaded by any enemy[/center:3c0qs1qw]

[center:3c0qs1qw]Every wood elf loves his home and kin but even they sometimes get the urge to wander away from home for many reasons.Some of those reasons are pure curiosity but wood elves are too disciplined to go away just because they got curius,so they mostly go to other parts of old world to fight beastmen and other servants of chaos,to find other spirits of the woods and get known with them or for some other reason which they keep for themselves.[/center:3c0qs1qw]

[center:3c0qs1qw]When they decide to go from their homeland for some period they move unseen and are almost never detected unless they want to.When they get in contact with other races they are very carefull and never talk much and if they are captured they would rather die than give any information about their home to the enemy.[/center:3c0qs1qw]



1.Sylvanas Protection- +4 Bows

2.Stillnes of Foliage- +3 Agility,+1 Intelligence

3.Wild Hunt-S+2Strenght, +3 Endurance, -1 Agility

4.Natures&#39;s Wrath-S+3 Spears/Long blades, +1 Agility ,Choose one weapon bonus

5.Voice of Athel Loren- summons a friendly spirit


02-12-2010, 21:12
Malo mi je žao što ce trebati dosta dugo da se ovo završi ali smo došli to velikog zastoja zbog iznenadne smrti kroatia i str1k3ra.Počet ćemo valjda opet sa radom oko Božića kad ih ressurectamo

02-12-2010, 22:27
Najveci problem je sto ne mogu biti na kompu jer bih inace odavno mogao napraviti sistem borbi pa bismo to za bozic samo uredili i te stvari.
Ovako sam na mobitelu i ne mogu apsolutno nista napraviti osim u glavi prolaziti sisteme i to sve racunati od oka, tako da nema sanse da bi to na nesto izgledalo. :(

02-12-2010, 22:39
Sve oke oces biti na Bozic available?

02-12-2010, 22:50
Ako ispravim talijanski i ne budem imao problema sa reel lajfom pretty much.

Ono drugo, be afraid.

08-12-2010, 14:12
Sick day. Radim na alfa verziji ovoga za borbu, ako i sutra bude bio day-off bih mogao razraditi ovo malo bolje.

08-12-2010, 17:38
Sure,pokazi mi na vikend sta si napravio.A ako budes imo vremena mogli bi malo magije raditi

23-12-2010, 22:30
Samo da vas obavijestim jeli: Ako ovo napravite sada preko praznika molim vas da ne zapocinjete sa igrom posto mene nece biti u Zagrebu (čitaj: nema pristupa internetu...).
Hvala na razumijevanju i volim vas sve :D

23-12-2010, 22:49
Nema problema, nismo niti namjeravali ovako brzo poceti.

Citaj: Moramo naci u kojem je bircu strajker da mozemo nastaviti pripreme.

23-12-2010, 22:55
Str1k3r je za vikend kod bake - hence, ima mnogo vremena da radi. To jest, ako stignete do njega prije od M&B-a.

23-12-2010, 23:21
Str1k3r je za vikend kod bake - hence, ima mnogo vremena da radi. To jest, ako stignete do njega prije od M&B-a.

Radimo na magijama ako te interesira..i bilo bi oke da malo pricu pocnemo :/

29-12-2010, 22:17
Eech und Pete radimo na magijama.
Kako ide, danas bismo mogli zavrsiti osnove Aqshy winda.

Moramo jos doraditi neke stvari, reda radi (http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Fun).

29-12-2010, 22:18
ide vam :D, radujem se igranju ovog u svojim umirovljeničkim danima

30-12-2010, 03:16
Aj ne budi takav :D trudimo se da bude awesome i da bude takva igra da traje dosta dugo :D,upravo umirem ovo jutro samo radom na jednom wind of magica :( al uskoro mozda dobijete look na prvi wind of magic ako kroati approva

30-12-2010, 04:08
Mmkay, pete je napisao tekst, sad ga mora jos lektorirati jer sam preumoran da to osobno radim.

Folowing up:

30-12-2010, 04:40
[center:87ys3501]The Fire Wind of Aqshy[/center:87ys3501]


[center:87ys3501]AqshySis the red wind of magic, and is associated with the Lore of Fire. Aqshy blows down from the north as a hot and searing wind. Temporal heat acts as a conduit for Aqshy, and so spells involving Aqshy almost always involve fire. It collects around open flames, volcanoes and dry deserts scorched by the sun. It is also attracted to wherever there is excitement and argument, courage and vehemence, since Aqshy is the Aethyric coalescence of passion in its widest possible sense.

In these ages wizards who use the devastating powers of Aqshy are very easy to spot by the keen eyes of Witch Hunters of Sigmar for their wind is far from subtle and after continued usage of the winds powers the user tends to get marks on their skin which are impossible to heal.But most of Aqshy wizards werent discovered for their marks,they were discovered because as their wind the users of Aqshy are quite temperament and are very easy to get angered so when they would be cornered by suspicius Witch Hunters they would usually get over confident or mad and start to fight them with all the skill they got.In most cases few Witch Hunters would be burned to dust but for most time the wizard would be killed by them or by their very own powers for winds of Aqshy are very volatide and they will kill even their user if they are not powerful enough or if they lose their concentration while chanting the Words of Power.But even than there are some wizards who have enough willpower to supress themselves from bursting with anger or those who just simply got powerful enough and maniged to repel any pity assault of fanatical Witch Hunters.

Wind of Aqshy is a devastating wind and to wield its powers with great skill is too wield a power more devastating than any siege engine any human could create.But like with all powers with them comes the great responsibility,and the wielders of Aqshy should be careful in these times for any powerful mage is a constant target of many people or beasts...or something even worse.[/center:87ys3501]


[center:87ys3501]The Power Ranks of Wizard of Aqshy[/center:87ys3501]

Wizard Level 0 –

[center:87ys3501]The wizard is still inexperienced and uses the powers of the wind of Aqshy with
little skill. Even if he is lacking skill or experience the wizard has some control of the
flames and with them he is able to engulf himself or his weapon in flames or to ignite or burn
any foe that comes too close to him.For his lack of experience and power he is unable to make
any serius spell that can last long or be cast on foes that are far way,and even though his spells
are relatively weak they are still strong enough to kill people or...himself. Great concentration and
skill is required if the wizard hopes to get more powerfull and to be able to use his skills in a proper

Wizard Level 1 –

[center:87ys3501]With constant practice and battle experience the wizard has finally started to
understand his wind abit better and is able to use the powers of Aqshy with more skill and concentration.
Since his power increased he is finally able to use his powers at greater distances and his enchantments are
more potent and more durable than before.The path to power is getting shorter but it is not a moment to get overconfident;
there is much left to learn and many battles to be fought;if you are to succeed in becoming a greater sorcerer
you will have to be even more concentrated on your learning of the fiery wind and even more tenacius
than before.[/center:87ys3501]

Wizard Level 2-

[center:87ys3501]Many days,weeks..months passed but they were worth it.All the scarrings and burns on
your flesh made you even stronger and you were more skilled with your powers.You start to understand
the wind even more and with each new knowing you feel like you made a huge step.You started to be able
to calm yourself and to control your feelings that were stirred by the wind itself before,but you even learned
that the wind itself is the one that makes your drastic and sudden changes of mood, and to make things better
you learned abit how to control that and how to stir the feelings of your allies making them more viciours or courageus
...the new knowledge is amasing,you always knew that you could hurt things and make them die in agonising death but
to control feelings of your comrades or enemies is a new thing to you and frankly quite fascinating one too. Is there
anything more that you can possibly learn that could make you even more stronger? Time will tell,but now its time to
cheer for the road to power this great was bloody and painful one indeed.[/center:87ys3501]

Wizard Level 3-

[center:87ys3501]With more time passing and more battle fought you started to get used to the
burns,to the pain of your marks and the constant advance in your power and knowledge.Your powers
were getting more powerful my each passing week and almost any foe could be burned to dust without
even using the half of your power or concentration.But still you werent as powerful as you could be and
still any wound you suffered bleed as fiercly as those before.The battles you fought made you strong and
you felt like at home while you fought but still you never knew you will have to wage constant battle inside
your mind aswell.Constant whispers,nightmares and headaches bothered you and sometimes you even seemed
to be imaginating things.But those were probably gained from too much fighting or drinking,after soo much
things achieved it would be embarassing to complain because you had a little headache.Your power was great
and now you could even make fire come to life.You were creating small lifefull forms made entierly out of magic
of the fiery essence of Aqshy.The forms werent very strong but still to make a living forms out of fire
which heed to your every word is a great thing indeed for who knows what could you summon later when
you get even more powerfull..heh..is it even possible to get stronger than you are now? But its time for
some sleep..maybe you shouldnt drink wine this night before sleep.[/center:87ys3501]

Wizard Lord 4-

[center:87ys3501]It is it..it must be it.This is it!This is end of the road,it has to be for you feel as strong as gods
themselves. You have achieved something you dreamed of when you just started to use the fiery wind of Aqshy.
Who would have known? Who would have dreamed that you could get this far? You were a champion of Aqshy
and you could use any of your older spell and cast them with tremendous power you never knew you could
possess,and you are shocked how could you even channel such great force thro your fragile body. Was it something
you did in the past? Was it some tome you have read or potion you have drank? Something had to happen.
Many wizards you knew that were older than you werent even near as powerful you were before months or
even years. Maybe,maybe you were just hand picked by gods to wield this power. Yes. Thats probably it,you were
marked by the gods in same way some great rulers were...the only question is;what should you do with all that power?
Is there a way to make them even greater? Who knows?Its not first time you didn&#39;t think of getting more powerful.
Ah well its time to cherish these moments..the plans of tommorow can wait.The world can wait.[/center:87ys3501]


Ovo je jedan od osam windova magije..da..osam..
znaci jos 7 to go. Sad necu tu govoriti nista posebno
o magijama il kako ce funkcionirat nego cu vas ostaviti
da malo citate ako se uopce zainteresirani da igrate maga
pa me onda pitajte pitanja koja vas interesiraju.
Odo ja spat ne dizem se do 11 il 12,zrtvujte ovcu u moje ime pa
bih cak mogo doci ranije-

30-12-2010, 09:19
hihi, nemam ovcu, moze Ovan?

ali epic je, stvarno, samo tako nastavite

31-12-2010, 03:58
[center:3c2mhkvd]The wind of Chamon[/center:3c2mhkvd]

[center:3c2mhkvd]ChamonSis the yellow wind of magic, and is associated with the Lore of Metal.
Chamon is the densest of the colours of magic, and is attracted to heavy metals such as gold and lead.
Spells involving Chamon frequently make use of these two metals; gold as a magical conductor, lead as
a magical insulator. Compared to other magics, Chamon is rooted in the physical world, and it is relatively
easy to get to grips with its basic concepts, although it has deeper complexities which make it difficult to
truly master.

The mages who master Chamon are in many cases not fighters but actually merchants and rich nobles who became
rich with their skills of transmutation. By transmutation many metals in gold many followers of metal wind get rich
easily but in most cases they get exposed for to transmute other ore in gold and to do transmute a large quantity
of it into gold is very difficult and it demands allot of focus and the act alone gathers allot of power and even if the
winds of magic aren’t purely chaotic the large exposure to the winds can bring mutations and sickness. For their greed
many followers of Chamon were burned on the pyres by Witch Hunters for after their attempts of transmutation
they would suffer mutations that over time became visible and after noticing those villagers would call the hunters
in panic or they would gather in large mobs and burn the mage themselves.

The first thing a mage of Chamon has to overcome is his greed for even if he can transmute any ore he can only transmute
little amounts of it if he is to become untainted. And transmutation is not the only power mages of Chamon posses. Ore
was manipulated since beginning of time by many smiths but what they do with hammers and strength the mage does with
mere concentration. With just a mere thought he can turn the ore in some other; he can melt iron and steel and use them
as deathly projectiles and many things more. In comparison with other winds the wind of Chamon is not as devastating
as wind of Aqshy but still, liquid hot metal hurts as much as fire and that’s something no one would like to experience.[/center:3c2mhkvd]

[center:3c2mhkvd]The Power Ranks of Wizard of Chamon[/center:3c2mhkvd]


Wizard Level 0-

[center:3c2mhkvd]You always felt strange near many ores or metal objects and you always felt something
strange about but you could never guess what it was. As you grew older you noticed that some objects
made from different ore would feel even stranger to your touch and with some effort you could bend them
or make the rust. It wasn’t much before you realized that you were a mage! During years you managed to use
the simple transmutations, you were doing experiments with mere toughs and concentration, the same experiments
Imperial master alchemist had difficulties to perform. With time you learned how to turn almost any metal into something
else and how to play with their properties. The skills you had could make you rich for you could turn copper coins to gold
coins but if you tried to transmute a larger quantity of coin you would start to feel sick and bad. If you are to master
the wind of Chamon you would have to practice more and try to get to know the wind of metal better or you will get
in trouble. It is only matter of time before someone notices something strange about you and mere skill of transmutation
won’t save you from a large angry mob or a party of Witch Hunters.[/center:3c2mhkvd]

Wizard Level 1-

[center:3c2mhkvd]With some time and effort you finally learned how to use your powers better. Many times you had a hard
time against your foes for you weren’t able to do some tremendous damage to them but thankfully your magic is not your
only weapon and you survived. Now you could sense almost any ore from miles and manipulate with their properties more
easily and from afar. You could make metals heated making them very hot to touch and with that skill you could make some
smith work anywhere you want without the need of great pyres or similar things. But surely your new skill could work nicely
against your foes as well. Yeah your skills before were not much and they still have saved your hide a couple of times, surely
these skills will help allot too.[/center:3c2mhkvd]

Wizard Level 2-

[center:3c2mhkvd]Many battles passed, many times your very life was at stake but you kept going for you now had a deep obsession. They were experiments and research for now you had the skill to make things many alchemists could only dream of achieving. Your transmutations skills were getting more powerful than before and you could heat many metals to the point they would become liquid
and hot as dragons breath. More importantly you could even control the metals like a toy with mere thoughts and you could do it even if the ore was liquid and blazing with heat. Before you would have finished your foes with your sword or staff but now there are not many enemies that can even get close to you and those who manage went through huge deal of pain just in hope that they could actually hurt you. You are not some meager hedge wizard anymore, you are a true mage and you now know what your goal is. There is almost no ore you did not know where to find, and no metal could keep his secrets from you, you had a skill to make a human sword look like it was made by the dwarves themselves (well, almost) for you could even change the shape of the metal objects after melting if you concentrated enough. There were still many experiments you had to perform and even more knowledge to obtain. The things you could do now were extraordinary and you had to know more, who knows what else you could do if you try hard enough.[/center:3c2mhkvd]

Wizard Level 3-

[center:3c2mhkvd]Winds of magic. So clear to your eyes and so astonishing. It is not strange that a mage is astonished
and interested in magic but now you are even more astonished by it. You knew that you could use it to make many deeds
but you never knew how could you could trap it in some object and make it affect the object in different ways. Well..not
until now that is. Enchantments and rune magic is not unknown to you but still you never could do something like that.
Rune magic was only taught between the dwarves and enchantments you have seen by now were not so fascinating
to you. Most of them would be short and their effects would run of easily. Maybe you saw sloppy work, or maybe only
dwarves have learned how to do proper enchantments. There are many questions and the idea itself fascinates you
and throws you on work at once. Many ideas come at your mind and many experiments are being made and they are all
making progress. You could play with magic weave that were put in talismans and you were learning how to make
talismans by yourself slowly too. You could drain the magic from the talismans and other objects but the effort to do that
was great and sometimes the strain itself would give you tremendous headaches. Many ideas came to your mind at nights
and in your dreams and you just couldn’t stop working. It is just amazing how some objects can become different if you try
to put inject magic force into them, you could make swords sharper than ever and making them make larger cuts, or force
the armor to regenerate the holes on them (but sometimes it would start to regenerate holes that were not meant to be shut),
there were just so many ideas to put in action. But you are getting too excited..you should rest and calm yourself little bit for magic
was not to be played with for only bad could come for using it too much and using it recklessly. Yes you should rest..
get some sleep..if only bleeding whispers and nightmares would stop so you could finally dream at peace.[/center:3c2mhkvd]

Wizard Level 4-

[center:3c2mhkvd]Such a great path you have taken and still you keep on walking and you dont even think of stopping.
You could remember the days when you were turning copper to silver just so you could buy yourself a meal and keep
yourself from starving or when you would get sick just from using your powers too much. Well those days were over,for you
were a great mage now, there was not a thing you could not do with ore or any other metal and transmutation was so easy
that you could change any ore in a different one with relative ease. In younger days you thought it was all about gold but
now you know it isnt. Power and knowledge were your treasures and gold was just a mean to obtain them when there was
no other way. Knowledge is still what you seek for there is always more to learn and you never know, maybe you are not so
smart and powerful as you think you are,maybe there are mages that have even more knowledge and power than you. But that
is no worry for you for even if there could be more powerful mages than you you are not a helpless sheep and there are not
many foes that can survive you wrath, heavens above you dont even need to use your muscles to swing your staff or sword
for now you can make metal objects come to life and serve your every order. Magic is strange and almost lifelike and thro your
studies you maniged to use magic to bring metal armors to life and make them defend your life when it was at stake. You have
learned much indeed and who knows what more things are there to learn..who knows..maybe you will even learn how to
make gold or other metals from thin air. You grin at the thought and keep walking still thinking of the future.[/center:3c2mhkvd]

Eto napravio sam u drugi wind da ne bude da ne radimo >.<. Jos su 6 windova ostala znaci jos 6 tipova magija. Ako bude itko htio
biti mag nemojte se jos opredjeliti jer ce vas se bas onaj zadnji ili predzadnji wind svidjeti :P. Anyway sva pitanja su dobrodosla i oni
koji bi voljeli igrati ovo cudo od RPa kada napokon (Del bez tvojih dosjetki) dodje a nemogu vise cekati ubijte lijepo svoju dosadu lijepim pisanjem biosa na engleskom kako bi se malo spraksali jer ce igra ionako biti na engleskom ^^.Anyway thats from me
idem leci sada >.<. I Del spremaj ovna trebam zrtve.

31-12-2010, 09:44
prije nego sto spremim ovna... ajd reci majke ti i priznaj da je ona prva slika iz wowa

31-12-2010, 11:41
Ne vjerujem.Tbh ni neznam odkud je samo sam trebao sliku alchemy seta pa sam stavio prvu koju sam nasao.

31-12-2010, 12:05
Cini mi se da je iz wow-a.Poznate su mi teksture.

31-12-2010, 12:10
Cini mi se da je iz wow-a.Poznate su mi teksture.

Sto je iz wow-a :P ?
Uglavnom samo da kazem neke rase ce biti ogranicene na nekoliko igraca
a rase se daju na princip ko prvi njegova djevojka. Što ti znaci da je
Stips222 svojim bio-om vec ugrabio jednog dwarfa :eyebrows: a ima
vjerojatno samo jos jedan il dva na izbor :P .

31-12-2010, 12:27
al sexy su ti ove magije, mozda to malo probam

31-12-2010, 13:27
To tehnicki nisu magije.To su mali opisi kako ce te moci koristiti magije a ja pokusavam opisati dovoljno opsirno da shvatite sta mozete raditi. Ugl moja i kroatieva ideja je da magije sami radite. Vi ste magovi koji nisu imali nikakve skole ili ista jer prva skola magije ce se otvoriti za 900 godina :D znaci sve ucite sami i time vam dajemo da sami manipulirate winds of magic.Vi cete svojim RP skillom eksperimentirati sa magijama :D al nemojte pretjerivati jer ako npr probate nesto unrealno mozda ne ostanete zivi nakon tog pokusaja :D.

Ukratko kad vidite wind koji vam se svidja procitajte moje tekstove i proucite malo magije u lexicanumu i ostalom da znate s cime se igrate.And oh boy igrate se sa mnogocim kad se igrate sa windovima :D.

31-12-2010, 13:51
Chamon mi je predobar, budem vjerojatno to uzeo, al prvo cu vidit akko cete ove druge napravit :D

31-12-2010, 13:57
Aj barem netko cita ovu hrpu teksta XD.
A ono ako volis rad sa metalima Chamon je za tebe.
Sljedece koje se treba napraviti su Shadow,Heavens,Beast,Nature,Life i Death.Shadow ce biti neka vrsta dps-a,Heavens isto dps ali ono moze predvidjeti dosta stvari (astronom ugl),Beast ce moci cak biti malo vise za krkljanac :D,Nature i Life su bufferi i healeri makar nisu ni oni defendless i mogu dosta ozljediti protivnike kad trebaju,a Death je leecher i hexer.

Al budes vidio kasnije kada sve napravimo.Probat cu sa kroatiem napraviti skeleton Shadowa prije 18.00,pa cu to sutra zavrsiti.

31-12-2010, 14:01
Also, backfires.
Vjerujte, kolicina zabave koju cemo ubaciti u iste je neopisivo velika. :)

Evo 2 primjera koje sam nabrzaka pripremioSkako moze izgledati:

Tier 0 Chamon- pretvaranje metala
Primjer 1:
Transmuteas silver coin u gold coin, tako da mozes kupiti vise stvari.
Kupis to, ides da ces izaci, magija prestane, gold coin se pretvori natrag u silver coin. Trgovac to zamjeti.
Napadne te sa zeljeznim maljem, transmuteas ga u olovni malj.
Posto je vec zamahnuo, malj te pogada sa duplom snagom.
*critical hit*

Primjer 2:
Tvoj malj-wielding ally je u borbi sa nekim protivnikom.
Ide da ce zamahnuti, ti da mu pomognes transmuteas mu zeljeni malj u olovni malj moment prije udarca.
Zeljezni malj se transmutea u aluminijski malj, ally udara sa istime protivnika.
Malj uspjesno udara, cini nekakvu slabu stetu, savija se.
Transmutea se natrag u zeljezni malj.
Cestitamo, tvoj ally je ostao bez uporabnog oruzja zahvaljujuci tvojoj pomoci.

Da se razumije, tier 1, 2, 3 i 4 nisuSukljuceni u opis, tako da je ovo samo osnovna magija sto ju moze koristiti Chamon mag.

31-12-2010, 14:04
Also, backfires.

:rotfl: preludi backfireovi super

EDIT: Već vidim prankove koje ću radit :rotfl:

31-12-2010, 14:12
To su funny backfires :D
Imat ce i mnogo opasnijih XD

31-12-2010, 14:24
Tier 4 may include Daemons.

Naravno, ako t1 Aqshy mag pokusa prizvati firegeddon, vatre sa neba ili tako nesto, backfire.
Inace, to su nam teoretski t1 magije, jer ih djelimo po nacinu djelovanja, a ne po samoj moci djelovanja, ali jedino t4 mag to moze uspjesno prizvati.
Otherwise, may include Daemons.

31-12-2010, 14:26
koja bi mi bila ultimativni spell? ono izlaženje otopljenih ruda kroz zemlju na površinu ili ono uzmem komad metala rastavim ga na komade i koji onda padaju s neba u zažarenom obliku... naravno i povećanje gustoće bi bilo predobro :>

31-12-2010, 14:33
Chamon govoris? Pa kao sto sam reko mozes raditi metalne avatare :P (al oprezno kolke ih radis), metal mozes rastavljati i zazariti i bacati, a povecanje gustoce neznam bih li stavio jer ti nemozes metal iz nicega stvoriti :D.
Al zato mozes i kontrolirati neprijateljski armor i dovesti ih u bolnu smrt and such :eyebrows:
Ugl sto si veci wizard level moci ces vise neprijatelja ozljediti sa manje straha da ce doci do teribble backfires al gle
Wizard Levels ce biti very very very hard to gain jer to nije zajebancija.
Neki od vas ce biti sretni ako budete zivi dovoljno dugo da uopce achievate Level 3.
A samnom i kroatiem ko GM i to u warhammer univerzumu...chances for survival were never so slim :eyebrows:

31-12-2010, 14:33
Citaj opise, dosta govore o tome sto se moze raditi sa kojim tierom. Ako si prelijen, to je kombinacija t0, t1 i t2 magije.

Inace, ultimativni spell ovisi o mastovitosti maga i mojoj volji da mu dopustim da casta takvu nekakvu magiju. :)

31-12-2010, 14:36
:pray: ja vas volim

a sad požurite s ovim

EDIT: http://thelaughingmarcus.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/so-much-win.jpg

Arbiter of Change
31-12-2010, 14:39
Uf, ovo je profi. Dobar materijal za čitanje.

31-12-2010, 16:52
Skeleton lista za Ulgu (Shadow) i Ghur(Beast) su napravljene,danas bi jos trebali napraviti wind of Heavens i onda ja samo trebam napraviti opise and stuff. Uf..lots of work >,<

31-12-2010, 16:54
Hoho,krenuli ste u ofanzivu vidim.Lepo je videti ovoliko uradjenog posla za ovako kratko vreme.Samo napred.

31-12-2010, 17:04
I mene impresionira koliko toga zapravo napravimo u 2-3 noci. :)

31-12-2010, 17:28
Ocete opise nekih lokacija dati?Ili ce to sve biti kasnije odradjeno?Javite ako vam treba pomoc,svrbe me prsti.

31-12-2010, 17:36
Mi vec imamo skoro sve opsirne karte svake provincije u Empireu,lokacijama kontroliranih od Border Princeva,Tileu and so on.
Karte cete dobiti tek kad dodje igra a i te iste karte cete dobivati preko trgovine ili preko lootanja nekog tko je imo istoimene karte.
Da. Ako nemate karte putovat cete po zemlji bez ikakvog kompasa i to je meni po volji :D gdje god da krenete mozemo napraviti pricu :D ali neke lokacije ce ofc biti opasnije od ostalih..a neke i vise nego opasne :eyebrows:

Arbiter of Change
31-12-2010, 17:57
Kao da ljudi nisu putovali bez karata i kompasa prije. :)

Tek sad shvatio strukturu rečenice. Moj bed.

31-12-2010, 18:04
Ma mape mogu nabaviti ako oce a mi cemo probati da nabavimo sto vise mapa sto je ljudski moguce u slucaju ako ce se nedaj Boze htjeti snalaziti bolje po svijetu. A ako oni oce vidjeti kako Chaos Wastes izgleda ili pozele napraviti piknik u Ogre Kingdoms tko sam ja da proturjecim :eyebrows: ?

31-12-2010, 18:14
U najgorem slucaju ce biti ''sreca cuva budale'', jer (igracima) nece biti zabavno ako pocetni likovi poginu unutar prvih tjedan dana od pocetka rp'a.
Moje preporuke da igraci imaju najmanje 1 bio napisan kao backup. :)

31-12-2010, 18:19
Ja i kroati mozda jesmo sadisti ali naci cemo nacina da vecina uspije prezivjeti :D..barem u pocetnom tjednu

31-12-2010, 18:37
Also, backfires.

:rotfl: preludi backfireovi super

EDIT: Već vidim prankove koje ću radit :rotfl:

Sve ok ako ih meni ne radiš :D

I da, Sick i Kroat djubrad ste! :P Ali svejedno vas volim :D

31-12-2010, 20:53
Koliko će ovo imati igrača?

01-01-2011, 03:19
Osobno bih stavio limit 6-7 ljudi kao maksimum, ali to sve ovisi o potraznji za charsima.
Onak, imamo 3 gm'a- ich, pete und strajh, a ono, 1/3 ljudi koji prisustvuju bi bili gm'ovi.

Also, ako netko nema vremena za full time igranje, mozemo im povremeno nuditi random charove za neke questove, lokacije, etc.

01-01-2011, 15:14
[center:2xv92vlt]The Shadowy wind of Ulgu[/center:2xv92vlt]


[center:2xv92vlt]UlguSis the grey wind of magic, and is associated with the Lore of Shadows.
Ulgu is a mysterious wind, which spreads disorientation and confusion amongst those it touches. It
is spoken of as a thick grey fog, and it is drawn to still lowlands and waterways where natural mists
gather at dawn. Ulgu invokes the sensation of being lost, or perplexed by something that you can&#39;t
quite put your finger on. The Shifting Isles off the coast of Ulthuan are shrouded with the power of Ulgu,
and provide an impenetrable maze to protect the isle from invaders.

Many users of the grey wind become Hedge Wizards and offer help noone else could give. Shady people
always have a use for the gifts of grey wind, for the followers of Ulgu can even change the whole appearance
of themselves or their customers for a day or two and in the world they live in disguise can save a man&#39;s hide
many times. For their skill in concealment is great and they are masters when it comes to tricking people.
Gray Wizards are very hard to catch and are almost never caught by angry mobs or Witch Hunters. In the past
and today many grey wizards get positions and councilors by some nobles or smugglers, even if they know that
use of magic is illegal, but the power grey wizards can offer is simply too usefull to be put aside, so many thieves
and smugglers managed to escape justice or go unseens protected by thick moving fog, and many deals were made
while the other side&#39;s minds were fogged by the grey winds power.

Today, like before, the gifts of Ulgu are much appreciated and the people who have the required gold or silver
needed to pay for assistance of grey wizards will likely pay them without hesitation. But the gray wind of Ulgu
is not the only one which is mysterius and confusing, there many other powers that can fog minds of people and
the users of Ulgu themselves. Wind of Ulgu is a helpful tool, but still it is not easier to wield it than other wind,
so reckless play with it is same as to ask for disaster. Backfires of the grey wind maybe wont scar your skin...but
they will definetly scar your sould or mind.[/center:2xv92vlt]


[center:2xv92vlt]Power Ranks of wizard of Ulgu[/center:2xv92vlt]

Wizard Level 0-

[center:2xv92vlt]You remember your young days when you used your skills for thievery
and scams but it dint pass long since you noticed that those little tricks was only small
things and that you could do much greater things. You could use the shadows and fog
before to hide your presence from eyes of others but thro practice you learned how to
make greater and thicker fogs that with enough concenration could conceal a whole party
of people,but to control the fog was beyond your skill at the moment and after creating it
the fog would move with the grey wind which would give you a cover only for the time before
the fog leaves and disperses. You still know how to fog the minds of your enemies but before
you used it only on peasants whose willpower was frankly very little and you did it from little distance.
The effect than was good but still just to use it on one person made you noxious and it is clear that
you will need some more practice if you want to become a better deciever.[/center:2xv92vlt]

Wizard Level 1-

[center:2xv92vlt]Through some fights and many close counters you have gotten more experienced
and the grey wind felt easier to wield and you could have control over it without feeling sick or dizzy.
The fog has saved the lives of you and your comrades in many cases and it was in face of danger that
you finally managed to control the unrully fog and make it move in directions you wanted. You seem to
realise that with the more practice and study of the grey wind you make the more your powers grow and
with each passing week you seem to be able to fog the minds of enemies (or your comdared when there is
some annoying duty to be done) more effectively and the very thought of being able to trick even the most
willing man brings the smile to your lips. The grey wind is trully marvelous and there is probably many more
things to learn from it but only if you try harder. The wind of Ulgu maybe is mysterius but you have a feeling
that you are smart enough to be able to uncover its secrets. You just have to try harder. But first you better
talk that dumb dwarf from checking those noises near the camp.[/center:2xv92vlt]
Wizard Level 2-

[center:2xv92vlt]One more nightmare. One more night filled with bad dreams passed and you wake up in your
camp while feeling like a goblin that was being punched by orcs whole evening. Still you dont care much for
that was the price you took while you took your path,for you dared to learn as much as you can of the grey
wind and with it you should have feel the taste of your own medicine and get to know the slight pain of failure
and now you know you should be more concentrated when doing your experiments with magic. Your are not some
damned kid anymore, you are a wizard, a grey wizard and you should be more careful of how you use you skills!
But you push those thoughts aside for even if you failed sometimes everything wasnt so bad for you have uncovered
one more branch of your wind and thinking of it brings a small feeling of warm success. Now you could control the
shadows themselves and not in a way to scare childrens (or your comrades while they have a late supper) but you
could make the shadows of your enemies raise against their masters and kill them by using the shadowy reflection of
their own weapons or when they got no weapon by strangling them.[/center:2xv92vlt]

Wizard level 3-

[center:2xv92vlt]Months passed and with them your skill increased. The grey wind of Ulgu was clear
to your eyes and you could see it and control it much easier than before and with much bigger efficiency.
Even if you still experienced nightmares or whispers in your sleep you were certain that you are making huge
steps and that you are getting stronger by each passing day. The headaches were killing you but it’s not first
time that you experienced those but before you experienced those after some disaster or bad cast of a spell
and you are certain that you didn’t fail in your casting or experiments for a long time. Not that it matters.
You are making progress nonetheless and now you could manipulate and fog the minds of enemies even
more efficiently and now you could bend and use the shadowy wind for creation of dreadful images that
looked so real that even most courageous men sometime faltered when they saw them. But with more
experimentation you know that you could make even more terrifying forms or even change appearance from
you comrades as well. Maybe you could even make your illusions strike your opponents and actually hurt them..but
for now that experiment wasn’t successful and it seemed like you only wasted your energy on it. Energy…that you
are starting to lack these days, maybe some sleep would be good for you. Hopefully this time you will sleep well.[/center:2xv92vlt]

Wizard Level 4-

[center:2xv92vlt]With many sweat and hard work you maniged to become powerful and mysterius
as your wind itself. You have had less headaches during past weeks and you can&#39;t remember when
was the last time that you failed in casting of your spell. You were strong and had many knowledge
and there was no room for mistakes anymore for you now wield power and can do things mere mortals
could only dreams of. The shadows heed your comand and you fog minds of your enemies as easly as
you would trick a little child. You have finally maniged to take a new step in your sorceries and now you
could infuse the pure essence of grey winds magic into your shadows making them stronger and more
menacing. You would laugh menacingly as you would use the shadows of your enemies for summoning of
creature of terror whose talons cut thro flesh,armor and soul. You were fear incarnate and even as you
walked a strange invisible aura radiated from your body making anybody near you a little bit dizzy and disoriented.
Your path was long but now more than ever you feel as you have discovered any secrets a grey wind can possibly
offer you. But...maybe it wouldn&#39;t hurt to do some more research and to find some more lore, who knows
what other secrets may be hidden in this world.[/center:2xv92vlt]

Cini mi se da mi je tekst gori nego prosli put and Im sorry for that al ono posto moram pisati preko 1000 rijeci svaki dan izgubim
malo čara :D a i nikad nisam bio dobar pisac ^^. Anyway ovo vam je wind of Ulgu i kao sto vidite bio bi dobar support i dps i
ima vise nego dovoljno trikova da vas izbavi iz nevolje (tj ako ste sposobni) i to znaci da imamo jos 5 windova da zavrsimo a
sljedeci ce biti Lore of the Beast sto bi bila kul wind za one koji su malo vise ko druidi and stuff

01-01-2011, 15:22
:pray: ane

epic, al Chamon mi je jos uvijek Fav

01-01-2011, 15:32
Prije dva dana sam nasao stranicu sa unofficial armybooks od ostalih malo slabije znanih rasa,znaci Albion,Araby,Estalia,udaljena Cathay i Nippon (wana kill samurais?) i cak od Chaos Dwarfova i Amazonki pa ako budete pazljivi i prezivite dugo tko zna di ce vas
vjetrovi sve dovesti.


01-01-2011, 15:39
gief link?

01-01-2011, 15:54
Ovi Uguu~! wizardi mi se svidjaju. Iskreno se nadam da ce ovog milenijuma i poceti RP.

01-01-2011, 15:56
http://battlereporter.freeforums.org/wa ... l-f88.html (http://battlereporter.freeforums.org/warhammer-army-books-fan-made-unofficial-f88.html)

Unofficial army book pa ih je zato i legalno skidati da netko ne misli :D
Dobro dodju da se malo nauci o nekim drugim zemljama wh-a cak bih i ja
trebao malo prolistati :D

@system-trudimo se XD radimo sto je vise ljudski moguce :D

Just so you know unofficial means da su neke stvari izmisljene i ne bi imale nikakve veze
sa warhammer svijetom..just saying.

01-01-2011, 16:01
E, pete, zasto imam osjecaj da ce pola njih htjeti da budu wizardsi?
Al nema veze, Khorne assists. :)

01-01-2011, 16:05
[center:es77omou]The bestial spirit of Ghur[/center:es77omou]

[center:es77omou]Ghur is the brown wind of magic, and is associated with the
Lore of Beasts. Ghur is the coalescence of bestial spirit, the predator and the prey.
It flows around the wild, untamed places, where the touch of civilization has not yet
been felt. It is a savage wind, as unreasoning as it is devoid of malice. Amber wizards
are often called &#39;shamans&#39; and are rarely found in cities or other outposts of civilization.

The followers of Ghur just as their wind are vicious and predatory just as their wind.
When witch hunters chase or seek for amber wizards they get unpleasantly surprised
when they find out that they have become the hunted since the first step they made
when entering the forest in which amber wizard made its home. Since childhood the ones
gifted by Ghur have a deep bond with animals and can understand them much better than
other people. They are usually very strange people and when provoked can become as mad
as a follower of wind of Aqshy for they aren’t afraid to unleash their bestial spirit when angry.
For their temper people would think that witch hunters would notice them quickly but followers
of Ghur heed the call of their wind and they usually go to the deep forests after they start
to get a any skill with magic.

Amber wizards are very powerful indeed for they can use their powers to control animals and
to gain their strengths. Many people sometimes wander deep into forests just so that they could
gain the strengths of animals for day or two and they pay much coin for them. That is if the wizard
is not in bad mood and starts playing wolf and pray with the wondering individual. Even if they feel
more at home in the woods followers of Ghur wonder around the world from times to times in search
for more power for as any wizard the amber wizard too have a thirst for power and want to uncover
the secrets of their wind...but some secrets are meant to be hidden.[/center:es77omou]S

[center:es77omou]Power Ranks of wizard of Ghur[/center:es77omou]


Wizard Level 0-

[center:es77omou]Since childhood you understood animals better than others
in your village and you were always friendly to them. When you grew older you
could tame them better than anyone and it seemed like you could hear them
talkning to you but you could not understand a thing. It didn&#39;t pass long until
you noticed that the gift you have is not natural and you felt a stronge urge to
go away always called by some invisible force. It was the beast in you and the
smell and lure of the bestial wind of Ghur. As soon as you could you went to the
woods and you have found a new home in the deep forests of the Old World.
Within the forest you were safe to train your magics and you got deeper connection
with the wildlife. During the years you protected the beasts and fought beastmen that
were always present in forests of Old World. Their stench and practice of chaotic
magic disturbed the woods and defiled the brown wind of Ghur and that was something
you could not allow. As a follower of the brown wind you are more skilled in combat than
other mages for you spended the early years of your adulthood in woods caring for the
wildlife and fighting the small parties of beastmen. The wildlife is yours to command and
you always have one wild beast around you just to feel safe. You have learned ages ago
that animals are more easly trusted than the inhabitors of the Old World.[/center:es77omou]

Wizard Level 1-

[center:es77omou]Living with other people made you uncomfortable but still being with them
was best for even if you were strong and a fairly good magician you couldn’t take a big
force all by your own. And for now your companions seemed alright and they appreciated
your help. Since you started to battle and use your skills on frequent level your skill has
increased and you felt a bit stronger than before. You could control more animals and
sometimes you would charge into battle with two or three wolves while you were infused
with the strength of some wild animal. Indeed now you could gain strengths of animals
and you could lend those strengths to your comrades as well. The feeling after it was
awful and you vomited a couple of times after using that spell but you got better and
it was definitely worth it. You were even starting to understand animals better than
before and you knew that soon you will at least have some more ways to communicate
with them. But you better spend less time with animals for some camp mates are starting
to look at you strangely when you are talking with horses or your wolves…and that dwarf
in the back is still mad at you for losing the grip of that bear before a week or so.[/center:es77omou]

Wizard Level 2-

[center:es77omou]Many months have passed and you can’t even remember the last time
you were in forest just relaxing and listening to the wolves howls. You still hear the howls
of wolves but not more than once they were howls of something corrupted or evil. During
travels you saw many vile things and animals corrupted by the powers of chaos or something
even more horrible. Not more than once you were almost struck down by vile Tuskar, bitten
by corrupt huge bats or poisoned by giant spiders that sometimes carried vile Goblins. Before
you could do nothing against them, you couldn’t make them turn away or tame them like most
wildlife you encountered. Those animals were tamed or so corrupt that they could not be
controlled with your words of power. But that was before. Now that have grown more in power
you could get into the minds of your foes beasts. You could make them to halt or turn away
and run or even make them attack their former masters, but that alone took vast amounts of
energy and after every failed attempt you were rewarded with heavy sudden headaches or you
would vomit. You did grow in power but still you weren’t as skilled in your magic’s as you could
and you still suffered great pains when trying to cast stronger spells and that was something you
had to overcome. You have to clean your mind and work harder for one time when you infuse the
strength of some animal in you, you could be too weak to resist the call of the wilds and turn into
animal yourself. Power of Ghur was great but like any power you can get burned easily if you don’t
take care.[/center:es77omou]

Wizard Level 3-

[center:es77omou]With time you gained the full control of yourself but it pass much before you
started to lose it again. You were getting more powerful by every passing week and with more
power you had to attain more self control and you could call on flocks or herds of beasts to
your aid which acquired even more concentration and willpower. And that was very hard at this
moment for you now heard and felt almost every animal in large area around you…and the
strong headaches and nightmares you were getting were not helping either. First you just thought
you were close to a forest filled with wildlife but you knew that wasn’t it. Your camp mates noticed
the changes in you but didn’t thing you looked as bad as you felt, and you felt terrible. The good
thing was that you had days when you would feel as good as new but just as you started to relax
the voices and headaches came back. Maybe that was some challenge. Surely you could not tap
to any winds powers without feeling some pain when you were close of learning its secrets and
ways. Yes. That’s probably it. So the solution is simple, you have to gain the control of yourself
if you want to get more powerful…and judging by the new opponents you and party started to
encounter you will require all the power you could get.[/center:es77omou]

Wizard Level 4-

[center:es77omou]You have passed many sufferings and many battles and now you were wearing
scars over your body and soul with pride. You have conquered many challenges that were set
against you and passing them just made you even stronger. They ways of the predatory wind
of Ghur were much known to you and now you could use its power in a ways you never thought
would be possible. With much effort you could take the essence of Ghur and inject it in your
comrades or yourself and by doing that great power and predatory cunning of Ghur was injected.
The power was great but sometimes the new gained power was too strong and after the spell
weared off the infused person got too exhausted and collapsed on the ground. The Ghurs power
also clouded the mind and sometimes friends could not see the difference between friend or foe
while possessed by predatory power of Ghur. The power Ghur had to offer was great but you knew
not anyone could wield it so you were careful with your new skills for you of all knew the terrible
power of them when you tried to summon the avatar of Ghur itself. The elemental was the most
vicious beast you had ever encountered and maybe even strongest too. You knew the beast could
easily had ripped if the magic you used for the summoning was not too weak to sustain such a strong
creature. After that experience you have learned that even if you were getting strong and powerful
there were still powers you still couldn’t reach and that meant that your studies and struggles were
far for over yet.[/center:es77omou]

Sa magijama tj :D jos cetiri winda i to ce biti jos jedna stvar gotova i uskoro cemo vas onda probati upoznati
sa statistikama ili nacinom borbe,interakcijama sa partijom i putovanjima kroz warhammer svijet.

14-01-2011, 01:30
Trenutno stagniramo dok ne uskladimo satnice, iako mislim da je vidljivo vec da ne radimo neko vrijeme.

@ pete- Dogovorio sa strajhom, 29.2. radimo probne borbe.
@ ostali- Alpha verzija borbi, samo gm'ovi, nece biti raspisano kao sto bi trebalo, ali to je nama najprije radi provjere balansa. Isti dan cemo objaviti rezultate.

14-01-2011, 01:43
Ja upravo sa strikerom radim neke stvari a lore of magic cu napraviti preko vikenda ak stignem....stici cu..radic cu prek noci jebem mu sve.
Tribes mi uzima vremena.

14-01-2011, 01:46
Daddy's back, you bitches! :)

14-01-2011, 01:53
It took you long enough.

14-01-2011, 14:25
Daddy's back, you bitches! :)

Hail friend!

dobro došo bre :D

16-02-2011, 19:22
[center:2fjqjq15]The heavenly wind of Azyr[/center:2fjqjq15]

[center:2fjqjq15]Azyr is the blue wind of magic, and is associated with the Lore of the Heavens. The wind of Azyr is light and insubstantial, and after passing into the world from the Realm of Chaos it quickly dissipates into the upper portions of the heavens. Azyr is the Aethyr&#39;s metaphysical drive for inspiration and that which is out of reach. It is creativity and the desire to emote.
It is inherently paradoxical. Azyr gives shape to abstract concepts, seeks to find meaning within the unknowable, and provides narrative for that which has none.

During history of Old World there were many seers and mages who used scrying powers to know the future or location of someone. And most of them were using the blue wind to guide them so that they could find what they seek.
While some can control the blue wind and use it for scrying most mages never get so much in touch with their senses and they only gain strange dreams in their sleep which are mostly confusing and it takes a lot of time to actually find sense in them. The dreams and visions are very helpful and in human realms they were the means most “gifted” magic users avoided the wrath of witch hunters and other but they can also be a curse. Since the wind itself passes through Realm of Chaos the dreams themselves could be send from some entity...and following those kinds of dreams can take the wizard to their doom.
Every wind is dangerous and Azyr is no exception but those who manage to master it can use it to do more than just scrying.[/center:2fjqjq15]

[center:2fjqjq15]Power Ranks of Wizard of Azyr[/center:2fjqjq15]

Wizard Level 0-

[center:2fjqjq15]Since you were young you were having many strange dreams that at that time made no sense to you and you mostly ignored them. The dreams didn’t only come at night though and sometimes when you were walking through your village you felt strange and you knew what will happen minutes or more before it actually happened.
When you grew older you knew that your ability was not normal and that you were the one of the gifted...even if your folk in village would have other words for that, but you managed to conceal your abilities before others for quite some time. Your life was easy but the dreams grew more frequent and some of them even promised power and wealth and that seems quite better than living in village in constant fear that you will be exposed and burned on the pyre.
Confident you left your village in search for power and wealth knowing that your gift will be more than enough to bring you on the right path...or so you hope.[/center:2fjqjq15]

Wizard Level 1-

[center:2fjqjq15]You powers kept you alive this far but to survive you need more than just visions and even those feel worthless when they don’t come when you most need them. Many weeks you trained and tried to use the blue wind to your bidding but you felt and knew that you weren’t skilled enough to use the full potential of the wind just yet.
You noticed that with enough strain and will you can force some visions but you were not skilled enough yet to trigger visions when you wanted and so you left that for later for you noticed that if you put your mind to it you can control the wind itself. The control over it was still weak but with practice you managed to make wind strong enough for some short periods to engulf you or some comrade in it. The strain after using such power was tremendous but you did not care for if you try enough you wouldn’t need to bother that some random arrow pierces your throat or chest and that alone was a cheering thought.[/center:2fjqjq15]

Wizard Level 2-

[center:2fjqjq15]Visions. The thing you considered a gift was more as a curse to you. You wanted more visions so you could guide yourself and your comrades but not every vision was cheerful and with them came many horrid nightmares and every one of them was so real that sometimes you had difficulties with making difference between reality and dream. You got used on waking in sweat and since many weeks you managed to keep yourself from screaming which made you look weak and more troubling it irritated the group on so many levels that one night they threw you in a lake in irritation. Still no mage got powerful easily and there were always difficulties that you knew you have to pass and with more willpower you know that you will have more control of your visions. Your power over the wind increased but you never tried to use it too much for like any other magic it took the strength out of you and made you weak so you used your powers with care. But every now and then you had to go to your very limits to defend yourself and in those moments you managed to create currents of storm and lighting which burned the flesh of man and beast alike. Your newly gained power was impressing but it was hard to wield and it took great effort to even create lightning and even more skill and will to control the magic itself. You still had much to learn but before that some good sleep would not hurt either...even if that is even harder than casting a spell.[/center:2fjqjq15]

Wizard level 3-

[center:2fjqjq15]Months passed and you went through a lot of strain and pain, you met many foes and you had many terrible dreams but with each day your power grew and with it your skill. Dreams were still random and strange but when awake your scrying abilities were impressive and on most occasions you could predict the moves of your foes and warn your group mates before your foes even made a move. With more practice your control over heavenly wind raised and you could even send visions to your group mates alarming them of nearby danger or even send terrible or confusing visions to your foes. Controlling the wind in that fashion was hard and very dangerous for while doing that you made a short link with your foes or friends and when you used the wind too much your head felt like it will explode with pressure. But still you were a very potent mage and your powers were to be reckoned with but it was not yet time to act cocky for even if you wielded enormous power that same power could turn against you and the prospect of agonizing death was not a cheerful thought.[/center:2fjqjq15]

Wizard Level 4-

[center:2fjqjq15]At the beginning of your journey your dreams promised you wealth and power and power you surely had. Future held no great mysteries to you and wind of Azyr made your path and you followed it knowing almost each step before you even made it. Wind and storm bent to your will and you could control them with more ease than before which made more than an admirable foe. Your gifts were many but now your link with the blue wind was at its highest and not many even manage to go so far as you did and that thought was something to be more than cheerful. You could use your powers to control the sky itself when using enough power and your foes could not even flee from you in clouds if they tried for where they heavenly wind swept so did your power. Still even if you wiled a considerable amount of power you still feel like you could learn more...and if there are you will surely find it with the help of the heavenly wind.[/center:2fjqjq15]S

Eto bio sam loše volje pa sam morao ubiti vrijeme danas pa evo Azyr,the heavenly wind.
Znam da je tekst malo losiji i sorry zato al sam zurio :/

16-02-2011, 21:24
daaaakle... gatara?

Still unimpressed by anything except Chamon

16-02-2011, 21:25
daaaakle... gatara?

Still unimpressed by anything except Chamon

Znam Del al ipak moram napraviti ostale windove :P

16-02-2011, 21:28
ostali su ti jos Shyish, Ghyran i Hysh rite?

Nadam se da ce me Hysh barem malo zaintrigirat

16-02-2011, 21:31
Hysh? A ono healer,damager i undead slayer :P the regular light lore stuff..sve ovisi kako koristis wind.

16-02-2011, 21:32
Die Sonne kommt!


to bi isto bio dobar prank za buđenje ljudi, da im spržiš zjenice

16-02-2011, 21:35
Da...dok te netko ne mlatne sjekirom.

16-02-2011, 21:38
Rule of Burning Iron, Commandment of Brass, Transmutation of Lead, Distillation of Molten Silver, Law of Gold, and The Spirit of the Forge.

cak i spellovi od Chamona zvuce smexy

16-02-2011, 21:41
Da al neces ici u bitku i vikat "Rule of Bruning Iron!!!" and stuff i nadati se spellu..moras opicat wtf radis i kako radis..ti manipuliras svojim mocima..I dont give a damn for those spell in rulebook. Ako vec RPas kao mag onda se ponasaj tak :D eksperimentiraj,uzivi se u ulogu

16-02-2011, 21:46
Otherwise Fun™.

17-02-2011, 10:54
Ulazim na polje i vidim nekog tipa s mačem, koncentriram se iako je tesko... pokusavam osjetiti... izmičem se jednom udarcu s puta... Umom pokušavam osjetiti mač, kovinu, česticu, rukama oblikujem znak u zraku i zaklopim oči, nepostoji ništa osim metala... uspio sam, osjećam kako energija prožima mene, vrelina mi struji kroz glavu, čestice titraju, temperatura se povećava...još samo malo... uspjelo je, neprijatelj uz vrisak ispušta mač.

Dat be ok?

17-02-2011, 13:10
It can pass al neces stavljati u tekst nesto tipa "uspjelo je, neprijatelj uz vrisak ispušta mač" jer cemo ja i kroati reci jeli spell bio uspjeh tijekom igre :P.Ugl battle je jos u izradi test bi trebao ubrzo poceti pa cete saznat sve otalo.
Vi jos niste ni biose poceli stvarati pa je zasad jedini validni igrac Stips222 :D

17-02-2011, 20:50
ja cekam da izlistas sve windowe, iako sam poprilično siguran u Chamon

17-02-2011, 21:20
Moram se jednom cuti s peteyem opet, u posljednje vrijeme pokusavam neke fore na koje cu doradivati dmg sistem, ali ne postizem nikakav napredak. Trenutno ne mogu naci neki middle ground za oruzje.

17-02-2011, 21:37
Sljedeci tjedan il u nedjelju..petak i subotu me nema.

02-03-2011, 22:03
ajd, onak, ovo bi moglo rulat, stvarno, al ne ak budem uzivo u tom u 95. godini života

02-03-2011, 22:07
Sorr delirium but me is so bussy...radim vama tribes,farbam eldare,pisem svoj fanfic,moram o ovome razmisljati i jos ktome faks i naravno ne smijem zaboraviti dow2:retribution koji dolazi *gasp* sutra...bude bilo ne brini a i ovo ce osigurati da ostajete na forumu :D.
Anyway nije ovo glavni RP,imamo hvala bogu Tribes i tvoje RPove koji samo cekaju da se pokrene.Samo zato sto smo u pauzi neznaci da smo prekinuli sa svime :D

02-03-2011, 22:09
Ovo sam ja kako nudim pomoć

to se ne vidi često

ako treba, budem se ja bacio na pisanje, i odreknem se svog igrackog mjesta, u korist toga da drugi to odigraju u nekoj vidljivoj buducnosti

02-03-2011, 22:12
Tbh Delirium mogu ja brzo napraviti ove spellije samo mi treba croati da ih sredimo..trenutni problem nije to nego to sto kroati ima problema sa battle statistikama i kako da to radi...ovo sta ja pisem je cista tehnikalija koja nije od tolke velike vaznosti jer vecina price ce ici on the run a pocetak vec imam i striker je skoro dovrsio sve ostalo,imamo i karte cijelog empirea sa svakim gradom i seljutkom,and so on and on...moramo battle srediti jbg.

02-03-2011, 22:14
Oh-k nemoj rec da se nisam ponudio, and so my attention turns to my other RPs

jel bi mi mogo otkljucat raspravu zombifikacije na tren?

02-03-2011, 22:44
Jel mogu ja napisat neš o svom liku il moram čekat?

02-03-2011, 22:47
Kao sto sam rekao ja poticem da potencijalni igraci vec pocnu raditi biose od svojih likova na engleskom i da kad ih naprave da posalju meni. I pri tome koristite se Lexicanumom za smijernice :D...and keep it real.

03-03-2011, 00:47
Del, javi mi se katkad - naći ću ti ja posla. :)

03-03-2011, 01:34
Oh hell you will :P ti si dobio tekst za napisat ages ago XD ti ga moras napisati da ne spoilas Delu nista.

03-03-2011, 01:41
Nemam mu što spoilati, ne brini. Imam ja velike planove za njega. :)

03-03-2011, 01:42
Toga se i bojim.

03-03-2011, 05:28
There, PP-ao sam mu zadatak, kad dečko ima volje... :D

04-03-2011, 20:15
Evo moj char, hope u liek

Sealed and Approved by Str1k3r

A coward if you ever saw one.

He was born, in a peasant family, in the poorest part of the Empire.
Since he was little, he used to day dream about nobility, not doing anything all day but counting money,
and of wealth. His father used to tell him goodnight stories,
about his great-great grandfather, who was in someway linked with the Von Rheinholdt
family, who are today, all very, very dead. He told him that he, too had some of their
blood, and was by all rights, a noble. This all, however, was complete and utter bollocks.
His great-great Grandfather, was indeed related to the family, but he was an offspring of the
unholy union between one of the lower ranking nieces and, a stable boy.
He, however, did not know about that, and went around telling people his name was
Augustus Von Rheinholdt, when his real name was in fact, Melvin.

Ever since he was little, he felt, the calling of Chamon, the wind of metal lore.
He would spend hours in the local smithy, or the mine, following the ore, since its delivery
from the rocky womb, to its casting into molds. This fascinated him beyond measure,
he could, at the most, levitate a very small piece of metal, or transmute a few coins for bread, or even
if he tried really, really hard, slightly warm up a piece of metal. This was also, one more thing he was really
happy about, because, old women around the village told that the old Count Von Rheinholdt could conjure
wealth out of thin air. This strenghtend his ideas of being related to this family even further.

He was a coward, a horrible, horrible coward. He always hoped he would achieve old age, and die gracefully.
A dull, boring life with no surprises is all he ever wanted, where the only surprise in your "Shrimp Surprise" were shrimp,
and sometimes, when he felt especially adventuros a small amount of lettuce.

And now? Now he was in the middle, of this icy, snowy, cold, windy, godforsaken badland.
It was all alright until a group of mercenarys strolled into town, and until he had a mug of ale with them.

"Come on, the host will be so large, you probably wont even have to do battle." They said,
"Just come around for the loot sharing!"
"You can then buy all the shrimp and lettuce you could ever want!"

That sounded okay at the moment, perhaps because he was utterly drunk, but when he woke up the next morning
he was not in his bed, but traveling to north, in a mercenary caravan...

Nemam odgovarajuce slike, ak ju nađem postat cu

04-03-2011, 22:57
I come bearing gifts:

Twenty-two years ago a woman gave birth to twins. Born under an eclipse of the moon, one that was not seen for nearly 300 years, showed that they were destined for something. Fyodor and Mykhaiil Aznabaev were large, strong and able boys, helping on the fields or with animals - that is, until the Boyar took them under his patronage, for unknown reasons, but it was rumored around the town that their facial features quite resembled his own. They trained in the arts of war and the finer points of etiquette. They were like sons to the boyar and, later on, started to serve as his personal guard. Since they were little the boyar was the only one who could ever tell them apart. It was said that one of them was pretty ruthless to his opponents, but as no one could ever tell them apart, they seldom had contestors in combat rings and tournaments, except for each other...

If a person would ask for a definition of stealth, perception and coercing it would be Fawzi Marra. An Agent by trade, skilled in the art of stealth, he knew where information lay, and how he has to search for it. A few sweetend words here, a few blades on the neck there and Fawzi knew it all. As most agents are, he was a man of many talents, agile, slim, with trusting eyes and one hand on the pommel of his dagger. He was not a bad sight, except for his large, black, beard on which he insisted, out of reasons only known to him. He never raised his voice and spoke only in a whisper. As an agent he was also well versed in the political and geographical skills such as: diplomacy, message delivery, espionage, and he could very well name and pinpoint the location of every whorehouse between the northern wastes and Araby. Contracted by Salam Akh Murab, when upon the regular slave check, Salam recognised a head worth a pretty large amount of gold in just about everywhere. But being the keen and observant character, Salam quickly recognised him as an asset more worthy than a chestfull of gold. He has since then worked as his eyes and ears.

Riveon Garahain, a brettonian "knight", who joined the mercenaries of Adalwolf Von Haertwig in a quest for glory, wealth and other things all adventurers want. His past was shrouded, but the more informed people know
that he is not of noble birth. Young, ambitious, and the commander of the calvary detachment of the mercenary army. He is but a man-at-arms, a seargent of lowly birth who has always dreamed of being a knight, one in shining armor, with a host that rides under his banner. And now, he will lead his own cavalry unit, to glory, to honor.

We were not idle. :)

04-03-2011, 22:59
Heh, bilo je awsum opet radit sa vama kolega, just liek old times, moramo ovo ponovit još par puta :D

There are insights to be made here :D

04-03-2011, 23:01
Plenty of work to come. :)

05-03-2011, 23:06
Da vam skrenem pažnju sa čekanja, odlučio sam vam dati ovaj zadatak. Onaj koji ga točno riješi biti će nagrađen.



Ovo lice ćete tokom RolePlaya voljeti ili mrziti. Ili oboje. Vaš je zadatak da dešifrirate rune i njihovo značenje, a u tome će vam pomoći iduća pjesma (trebate ju prevesti i dešifrirati da biste to isto mogli učiniti sa runama na slici. Možete otprilike naslutiti ulogu lica u RolePlayu ako proučite pjesmu, ali ne u potpunosti.):


U dešifriranju će vam pomoći ovo:
A Treatise on Ancient Texts, Languages and Symbols

It is my only intention, and sole purpose of this tome to aquire greater knowledge of our enemies
May Sigmar Forgive and protect me, and guide my hand as I write these dark symbols.


On The Runes of Chaos

The Runes of Chaos, in the written form are a series of phonetic runes, each letter form representing a vocalised sound. When written, it is far less powerful then the vocal form, hence it is the common practise among those who use magic, to write down their unholy spells into grimoires and other spelltomes, using these runes. Only once the words are spoken, the full magical potency of the spell is unleashed, it is also common for each wizard to use a different rune to represent each of the word sounds. This makes the grimoires very deadly after their creators death, because most of the attempts to read another wizards grimoire end badly and mispronouncing even a single syllable will usually have fatal consequences.

Some of the more common words are, the same in almost every case. Some Suffixes and prefixes as "Phak" (Which means, or denotes, an event and also denotes a verb. And, by itself, represents the word "shall") refer to the word with which they are joined.

A brief look on some of them follows:

Leth - Lord, Master

Phaos - Soul, Essence

Khaaqshy - Sunrise

Azyr&#39;y - Iron

Khadhar - Night

Azyr&#39;Phak - Drowning

Sawun - Wailing, Crying

Khadhar`Phak - Nightfall

Ohayshek - World

Chawun - Storm, Tempest

I&#39;Phak - To close, To shut

Ua - You, Yours

Hysh - Light

Shar - Word, Words

Dhaaqshy - Comet, Meteor

Ighu - Finger, Point

Igha - Fist, Palm, Hand

Sawa - Birth, Born

Ghalet - When

Iofwa&#39;Phak - Strike, Blow

Mowa - Mouth, Beak

Dhachamon - Sun

Kw&#39;Phak - A high-pitched voice, Scream

Olf&#39;Phak - Songwriting

Azyrash - Water

N&#39;t - No

Ela - Ear

The Runes, are shown, for those of the inquisitive mind and a strong stomach, below, although a word of warning is in order, prolonged looking at them my incite nausea, sickness, and madness.

I ovo:


Osoba koja prva točno prevede sveSće dobiti nagradu.

I wish you the best of luck!S:)

05-03-2011, 23:24
Ovo je bilo zabavno radit, pa ja necu sudjelovat, i sutra stize naslovnica ove knjige koja vam pomaze, nadam se da ce te se namucit onoliko koliko smo i mi dok smo ovo pisali :D

06-03-2011, 00:42
When water scream(?)
light to close, to shut(?)
When finger, point(?) fist, palm, hand(?) to close, to shut(?)
Word, words(?) scream ? strike, blow(?)
? birth, born(?) songwriting
Far, to close...(?) no ear when(?) you, yours(?)
? drowning storm, tempest, birth,...(?)
? ? water(?) mouth, break ? scream

To bi tak nekak trebalo bit jeli?

P.S. (?) označuje riječ za koju nije sigurno
? označuje riječ koja se nezna

06-03-2011, 00:58
Uh, trebaš to još razraditi. Recimo da si neke riječi pogodio. :)

Mislim, mogu se formirati cijele rečenice, jer je tekst rađen na engleskom, pa preveden na kvazi-dark tongue i onda pisan u runama. :)

06-03-2011, 01:01
Ma problem mi je što mi je jedan dio toga, ili većina, različita od riječi koje su tamo tako da čitavo vrijeme moram ispravljat, a opet mi nejde. Ovo će biti naporan posao. :D

06-03-2011, 01:04
Tako smo i planirali da bude. :)

Zaboravio sam napomenuti da slovo (na runama) A, koje ima točku i crtu je zapravo Aq. RhSje u biti romb, a budući da nema slovo R (iako postoji riječ Azyr!?), stoga je R pola romba i zato ga nemojte mješati sa slovom A (A i Aa je ista runa) koje je zakrivljen romb.

06-03-2011, 03:03
When water scream (strike)
Yours light to close
When point hand to close
Yours words scream
You born songwriting
To shout no ear when you
? drowning birth
Yours iron mouth scream

Nesposoban sam sada misliti, nastaviti ću kada se probudim, ako me netko ne pretekne.

06-03-2011, 04:04
Sry na duplom postu.

Dakle, oni koji misle ovo još rješavat, a neda im se sve prevodit i to, ja sam uspio nekih 50% prevest pa nek vam tu bude

Ua lt aqshyash kwphak
Ut hysh hyphak
Ghalt itu ita iphak
Ut shaq vphak kwiofaphak
U sawa phak olfphak
Illa nt ela hgpak uhua
Ut azhyaphak sawun chawn
Ia azhyay nowa uh i in kwphak

0.25 prijevoda:
You ? ? scream
? light ?
When ? ? to close, to shout
? ? ? ?
? birth, born ? songwriter
? no ear ? ?
? drowning wailing, crying storm, tempest
? iron mouth, beak ? ?

06-03-2011, 09:17
Eo da vam malo pomognem, razmisljajte o eng. Sintaksi i gradji recenica, i obratite pozornost na phak i njegovo koristenje ovdje :D