Uhvatila me malo nostalgija za Valkyrie Profile i FFT kad naletim na ovo čudo. Ima par zanimljivih fičrsa tipa starenje likova, ženidba i djeca koja nasljeđuju sposobnosti roditelja, ali prvenstveno je SRPG. Može za nekakvu casual zabavu.
Players control a viking leader and must recruit warriors and build a thriving village in order to survive. You may then conquer territories from monsters and players alike, utilizing the grid-based combat system. Much like many console strategy games, the game uses a grid system for combat, allowing you strategic control over where your units end up. Einherjar Online also offers a marriage system to allow children to have access to more advanced skills earlier. There is also a Cold Sleep option that will freeze a character for use later on, as characters do age, become weaker, and eventually pass away in game.