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Tema: Dead Frontier: Outbreak 1 i 2

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    Dead Frontier: Outbreak 1 i 2

    tekst igra... naracija je predobra(ima glas i glazba isto pridodaje ugođaju)
    nešto poput kviza i onda imaš izbore, i trebaš preživjeti

    drugi je dvostruko bolji

    Dead Frontier: Outbreak 1

    Author Comments

    This isn't the kind of game you usually see on newgrounds so I won't be shocked if some of you don't like it. I figured reading through all the text might be a little boring so we decided to get a professional voice actor to help. Please let me know what you think =)

    Special thanks to:
    - Ian Yates (my brother) for writing about 50% of the script.
    - Jesse Hopkins ( for his awesome voice acting.

    Hope you enjoy the game!


    - Added ability to 'try again' after dying. This takes you back to the start of that area (ie, office, street etc).
    - Fixed problem with text speed
    - Fixed some spelling/grammatical mistakes

    Dead Frontier: Outbreak 2

    Author Comments

    Here is part 2. We've made a few improvements over the previous version:

    - The story actually changes based on your actions rather than just giving you a score.
    - Added some improved artwork
    - Sound effects for certain actions
    - A more interesting story (at least I think so )

    Hope you like it!

    Programming - Neil Yates
    Writing - Ian Yates
    Voice acting - Jesse Hopkins
    Artwork - Greg Taylor
    Music - Brodie Bowie

    meni su igre predobre.... U prvoj su me 3 puta ubili a u drugoj 2 puta... vrijeme trajanja za obe igre ako igrate polako je 20 min

    PS. ono play free mmo ignorirajte to je samo sponsored link
    Wolf guy - The author seems to be playing a game called "how many murder, rape, and torture scenes involving minors can I stick in a book before people stop reading completely"

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    Re: Dead Frontier: Outbreak 1 i 2

    Predobro nešto, sad sam na dvojci. Dosta je očito koji je pravi izbor (tko je izabrao nešto drugo osim pajsera ), ali isprobavao sam puno.
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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