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25-01-2006, 18:38
RELOADED, KNIGHTS, TFCiSO, Unreality, DRAGON i Cinemaniacs - samo su neka
od brojnih imena na sceni ilegalnih "izdavačkih" grupa koja su - prema zasad
nepotvrđenim podacima - posve zbrisane u koordiniranoj akciji policije više
europskih zemalja.

Raids in 11 nations target internet piracy
Last Updated Fri, 01 Jul 2005 11:14:13 EDT
CBC Arts

Authorities in 11 countries, including Canada, carried out raids Wednesday
that were aimed at stopping the illegal distribution of first-run movies and
other copyrighted material over the internet.
Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as investigators
around the world, took part in 90 searches that resulted in the arrests of
four people.
The U.S. Justice Department "is striking at the top of the copyright piracy
supply chain - a distribution chain that provides the vast majority of
illegal digital content now available online," Attorney General Alberto
Gonzales said.
Eight major servers used to distribute pirated materials were also shut
The raids took place in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Belgium, Britain,
Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and Portugal. Hundreds of
computers were seized.
In Canada, the RCMP conducted searches and seizures in four provinces:
British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.
The raids were headed by an RCMP team from Alberta, which coordinated the
operation with RCMP officers and other law-enforcement officials across
Canada. Searches were executed in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton,
Kingston, Milton, Ont., and Montreal. The probe is ongoing.
"The illegal distribution of software and other intellectual property causes
financial loss to legitimate businesses, governments and taxpayers in Canada
and around the world. These losses are estimated to be in the billions of
dollars," said Raf Souccar, assistant commissioner of RCMP Federal and
International Operations.
The raids are part of a crackdown dubbed Operation Site Down by U.S.
law-enforcement officials. It is aimed at stopping people who traffic in
high volumes of copyrighted material.
Chirayu Patel, of Fremont, Calif., was among those arrested. He was charged
with violating U.S. federal copyright protection laws.
It's alleged that Patel is a member of an online "warez" group, which is
different from an open file-sharing network such as Kazaa.
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Warez (pronounced "wares") groups are hard to infiltrate because users
contact one another only in encrypted chat rooms. Their servers require
passwords and many are based overseas, according to the FBI.
Among the warez groups targeted by Wednesday's actions are RiSCISO, Myth,
TDA, LND, Goodfellaz, Hoodlum, Vengeance, Centropy, Wasted Time, Paranoid,
Corrupt, Gamerz, AdmitONE, Hellbound, KGS, BBX, KHG, NOX, NFR, CDZ, TUN and
Officials believe that these groups are responsible for stealing and
distributing movies such as Revenge of the Sith and Mr. and Mrs. Smith, as
well as Autodesk's Autocad 2006 and Adobe's Photoshop software.
U.S. President George W. Bush signed a new law in May aimed at preventing
the distribution of movies and songs before their commercial release. Under
the legislation, violators face up to 10 years in prison.

link http://www.bug.hr/vijesti/index.asp?id=70256

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Lefty, koji "Sig"

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Lefty, koji "Sig"

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Ups malo sam se zabunio. Gledam onu tvoju gornju poruku(po engleskom), a iznad nje malo duzu crtu, pomislio sam da ti je ono sig...

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hehe, mislio sam si da je tako...