Pogledaj cijelu verziju : Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Arbiter of Change
04-04-2012, 18:56

Smirite se, ništa ozbiljno za sada. :)

Došlo mi je da otvorim temu budući da se konačno skupilo bar koliko-toliko pouzdanih informacija, ma koliko to još sve očigledno bilo u fazama razvoja tek. Sve do sada znane informacije su sabrane na nedavno updejtanom linku ispod.

... this isn't another salvo in the so-called edition wars. This isn't an attempt to get you to play Dungeons & Dragons in a new way. This is the game you've already been playing, no matter what edition or version you prefer. The goal here is to embrace all forms of the D&D experience and to not exclude anyone. Imagine a game where the core essence of D&D has been distilled down to a very simple but entirely playable-in-its-right game. Now imagine that the game offered you modular, optional add-ons that allow you to create the character you want to play while letting the Dungeon Master create the game he or she wants to run. Like simple rules for your story-driven game? You're good to go. Like tactical combats and complex encounters? You can have that too. Like ultra-customized character creation? It's all there.
Očekivanja? Promjene u usporedbi sa 4E? Išta?

The Boz
04-04-2012, 20:02
Kako može biti isto ko 4 i 3 ako 4 i 3 nisu ni slične!?

Arbiter of Change
05-04-2012, 10:31
Vjerojatno znači da će biti pun prozor modularno ili ćeš moći lagano adaptirati već postojeće na nekakav novi standard.

Arbiter of Change
20-12-2013, 11:25

Izlazi na ljeto 2014.
http://company.wizards.com/content/wiza ... ummer-2014 (http://company.wizards.com/content/wizards-coast-announces-thrilling-dungeons-dragons-launch-summer-2014)

December 19, 2013 – Renton, WA – Wizards of the Coast today announced that the highly-anticipated new rules system for Dungeons & Dragons will release in summer 2014. After nearly two years of an open public playtest and more than 175,000 playtest participants, the rules are complete. Players will be immersed in rich storytelling experiences across multiple gaming platforms as they face off against the most fearsome monster of all time.

Arbiter of Change
03-07-2014, 18:52
Digli su osnovna pravila besplatno za sve.

The Basic Rules document is divided into three parts.

Part 1 is about creating a character, providing the rules and guidance you need to make the character you’ll play in the game. It includes information on the various races, classes, backgrounds, equipment, and other customization options that you can choose from. Many of the rules in part 1 rely on material in parts 2 and 3.

Part 2 details the rules of how to play the game, beyond the basics described in this introduction. That part covers the kinds of die rolls you make to determine success or failure at the tasks your character attempts, and describes the three broad categories of activity in the game: exploration, interaction, and combat.

Part 3 is all about magic. It covers the nature of magic in the worlds of D&D, the rules for spellcasting, and a selection of typical spells available to magic-using characters (and monsters) in the game.