Pogledaj cijelu verziju : Dorset Street No.2 - kratak krimić

24-02-2011, 20:01
[center:6su9cnzd]Dorset Street No.2[/center:6su9cnzd]

It was a chilling winter dawn. My phone rang about 5 AM and I was instructed to swiftly come to Dorset Street by my boss Harper. Quick description was that a man named Alfred Jenkinson was missing and now founded dead. I quickly picked up my stuff and I was at the crime scene in 20 minutes.
The air was dense and gloomy. Dorset Street had something creepy in it and it was very odd because Jack the Ripper himself operated in this same street hundred years ago. I sensed something malefic around. I saw blood traces along the sidewalk, apparently the snow just melted. As I pushed my way through some police barricades I pounced into my assistant Moxley. He quickly explained the situation and I aimed the building enterance. I knocked on the door of Mrs Jenkinson and she allowed me to enter. She was old but very vivid lady and she had unusually long gray hair. She checked the bathroom every couple of minutes. I supposed by the sound it was the washing machine. After a comprehensive talk I found out that her husband was last seen three days ago. He gone to the nearby butcher's shop and never got back. Before leaving the building I wanted to look at the corpse which was in the basement. Somebody dragged the body from outside down the stairs and putt it in the hole in the wall. The hole was afterwards seamlessly enclosed. Basement was full of all kind of items, all could be clues but I memorized a doll leg, part of aluminium foil commonly found on pills and a broken eyeglasses frame. As the sun gained height I decided it was the time to wake up the neighbours.
Student Stafford was the newest renter in the building. His skinny body and thin arms could not develop a killing blow. Or could they? He was in a hurry to the university and we could talk only for a few minutes. Apparently, he did not even know Mr Jenkinson, just saw him couple of times but he talked with his wife several times. I noticed he took a pack of pills from the desk as we were leaving the flat.
Climbing up the stairs I met an old man and I asked him if he had a few minutes. Frank Gooly was Mr Jenkinson's good friend. He was terrified by the scene and he told me that everybody loved Alfred, he was a successful lawyer always willing to help. I found out Jenkinson could have been murdered for money, old man told me he had great amounts of it. Soon the conversation was over. He slowly descended the stairs, he groped stair by stair, like he was missing eyeglasses?
The building was old and half ruined. Only inhabitable flat on the second floor was that on the left. I knocked on the door and they opened in a moment. Mrs Fisher opened the door and we sat on a wide sofa along with her husband and two children. They told me Jenkinson was a kind man but his wife did not really like him. They were planning a divorcement. I drank a tea and helped the kid to reach his toy. She gave me a smile and I left the flat.
Every single man in this building could be the murderer. I walked outside to take some fresh air and to think. A man was rushing into the building but I grabbed him by the collar. After a quick chat he told me he was the brother of Mrs Jenkinson and that he was in a hurry to see her because he was late to work.
I scanned the area for my assistant. I called him closer and asked about Mrs Jenkinson brother. Moxley briefly talked to him but it was enough to find out that he was a construction worker. My mind instantly exploded. I ordered to search his car. When they opened the trunk they found a bucket of cement and a hatchet handle that peeped from the cement.There were some masonry tools too. I shouted the officers to rush into the building. Mrs Jenkinson and her brother were struck sitting in the living room. I steadily gone after officers and rushed into Mrs Jenkinson's bathroom. I unplugged the washing machine and pulled out some patched clothes. They were stained with blood. Machine washed some of it, but the stains were visible. I eyed the two sitting at the sofa. They confessed the murder. Jenkinson had quarter of million of pounds in his bank account. His last will was to leave that money to his wife. That was the last time I saw them.

piso za izbornu iz engleskog. nisam se potrudio maximalno. ima mjesta na kojima fali informacija ali skraćivo sam što je više moguće. rejtajte bičevi!

26-02-2011, 00:38
bump pice jedne nevaspitane!

26-02-2011, 13:15
cool story bro...

Herr Schnitzel
26-02-2011, 13:25
Slabašno sve skupa, pogotovo gramatika.

27-02-2011, 22:39
Šnicl cijenim iskrenost.