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Welcome to the VirtualDex Project!

The VirtualDex Project, or VDex for short, is a browser game based on the popular Pokémon franchise. Although a battling element is not yet implemented, you can travel the map, collect and raise Pokémon, buy items, trade, and participate in the forums.

The game is still in beta stage, which essentially means it's incomplete and there may be many bugs.


You can't battle yet. But you can try out the Alpha Card Battle Simulator! Click here for instructions.

Travel the Map to find Pokémon and shops! You can catch Pokémon by using a variety of Poké Balls - you're given some when you sign up, and can purchase more at the Poké Marts found in every city.

You can earn money to shop by making bank deposits and cashing in earnings, and by displaying images of your party in the forums or other sites. In addition, you get a bit of money every hour, and you can sell your items if you're strapped for cash.

New areas of the map can be unlocked by purchasing HMs at the Shop! On VDex, HMs are key items, and only need to be purchased (and not used) to unlock new map areas. If you can't buy a specific HM, try catching more Pokémon! More HMs and other key items are available the more you complete your Pokédex.

Harvest and plant Berries by purchasing the key item Berry Planter - you can feed Berries to your Pokémon to speed up their growth. Your Pokémon also get some EXP just by staying in your party, so leave them there a while for them to level easily.

Breed your Pokémon by leaving them at the Daycare. Pokémon Eggs left in your party are eventually able to hatch. Some Pokémon are obtained exclusively through breeding, just like in the games.

If you've been around for at least a week and have caught a few Pokémon, you can purchase a Trade Pass and trade items, Pokémon and cash with other players! Arrange trades through the forum and keep an eye on your Inbox - notifications are sent out whenever you have a pending trade.

Have you been playing Pokémon since the GameBoy generation? Like older sprites better? You can collect retro Pokémon! When wandering the map, there's a small chance you'll see an older sprite instead of the HeartGold/SoulSilver ones.

A humanized Pokémon will travel with you as your Partner. Partners say random useless interesting things while traveling the map, and have special abilities to assist you! They also sometimes mail you items, and if your partner likes you a lot, you can get a special item from an NPC... Speaking of which, some NPCs can be found on the map, and they'll help you with various things from changing Rotom's form to exchanging rare items for items needed to catch legendary Pokémon.

Your Pokémon can perform "trials" to increase their stats and attributes, and sometimes give you item and money.

For every major accomplishment you make, you can receive an Achievement, a title that gets displayed in your user profile for all to see.

The game has several other features as well! Check out the Guidebook topic on the forums for a full breakdown of the site's features.

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