Pogledaj cijelu verziju : gaijin smash

18-03-2008, 12:09
A ako vas zanima život u japanu evo vam blog jednog crnca koji radi u japanu kao professor


"The insanity isn't just limited to kids. No no, the teachers can often be just as baffling.

One of my English teachers was this really nice lady, a mother maybe in her 40-50's. Like Ms. "Spread Your Legs" she had one of those infamous books of (apparently) colloquial English expressions. I think her first one was when I asked for a day off, and she said, "Oh, yes yes, of course. Oh! (thinks about it for a second) No problemo!" She seemed really happy she was able to incorporate colloquial English into her speech, and I didn't have the heart to tell her we stopped saying "No problemo" sometime in the 80's.

The next time, I was leaving for the day, and she said, "Goodbye! See you tomorrow! Oh! (thinks about it for a second) Hasta la vista, baby!"

Another time, I was sitting next to her while she thumbing through the book. She suddenly turned to me and said, "It's hotter and muggier than a sweaty dog's fur today, isn't it?"

I'd really like to meet whoever it is who writes these books. I'll bet good money they speak neither Japanese nor English. They're probably French or something.

Sadly, this teacher was transferred to a new school last March. I really miss her. Hasta la vista, baby." :rotfl: